San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Crunch time

10:04 am

It is a beautiful hot sunny august day here in San Pedro, we are all in crunch time now for preparing Dean’s arrival

I hope to get everything we need to done today. We are gathering all important documents now and putting them in zip lock and in a knapsack packed for being on the move just in case. We plan to stay at our place but have had a few offers to go elsewhere thanks all for those offers.

Folks at home as time goes on Please remember to keep emails down to a minimum for people who are here.

Cindy and Paul got the rest of the boards they needed and are boarding up their house right now. Nancy was finishing up boarding hers this morning as well.

Got Cindy Beth and Colette / Maya on msn now

Keep us in your prayers… word on the ground (from someone in NEMO) is that we will expect a large storm surge from the back…5-8 feet is the forecast for now

11:29 am
Talking to Carole now and letting her know I spoke to Janet her mother-in-law this morning. Carole said she had a hard time getting on line.

Lara has popped us and is starting an email contact list for Melinda who is staying with a friend on an army base on the mainland. So she may be our vehicle to get accurate news back of what is really happening – as we all know the news sometimes likes to scare people. Set that in motion right away, Both our moms and Dads and Carole and Dick’s mom Janet.

Back to work I am organizing bedroom and making stacks of sheets and blankets. I will also clean off top or wardrobe and we will start putting stuff on it that needs to be highest ground.

1:24 pm
Just got word from Laura the Coldwell Banker people are going to be sheltering at Iguana Gardens. Emily Jones and John Vorus are leaving – John has to go with the boats to Belize City. Sterling Vorus is staying on the island.

2:47 pm
Spoke to landlord – he is looking to board us up on Monday. Talking to Carole Goudreau Mattis and going to get space. Taking a walk to Perk with Paul and see what the word on the street is Carole will meet us there.

6:10 pm
At perk we saw Zac, Jim, Coleen, Sharon, Dave, Jason from Customs, Bernadette and family, Sonny and friend. After Perk went around town with Carole and shot pictures. We stopped to see Paul and Cindy and Nancy and Rick, wanted to go further south but main road was blocked and we needed to get back and do stuff before we all meet up at Pedro’s tonight. Talking to Lara Goldman now in messenger. Some people are starting to board houses up now but the word is that it is still safe to do so on Monday. We will finish our inside work tomorrow morning so we are prepared for that event. I hear saws cutting wood and dogs are barking a bit more than usual. Molly was all over us when we arrived.

Carole here off to Pedro’s to meet the gang

The beach party at Boca Del Rio Park is still planned

Sterling Vorus just emailed and said first aid stations will be maintained at Island Ferry dock, the Palapa Bar /Beach n kitchen area.

Cleaned shower and got all laundry buckets ready and waiting to be filled

Sheets and pillowcases are all in plastic and stacked on table started putting to go clothing bandannas and other items for my grab and go bag

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