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Crunch time

Just got text from dcg she is in Houston and getting ready to pull up to gate. I am doing laundry and drinking iced coffee.

Check back for more…

Bill and Laura came by earlier to say hi – everyone getting stuff done before the big airport party this afternoon. Secret surprise is in the works.

Going to try and have quiet time for 1/2 h – Janet and Carole just came by to drop off extra crock pot.

Keli just came by for a quick hello – will meet up again shortly at the airport.

Don’t forget people are meeting up at the Tackle Box from 8:30 onward.

Airport party was loads of fun – Shuffles made the sign today but was not able to make it so Keli and bcb held it up. Trying to upload the pics but internet saying no lol check back soon.

Paul and my mom went to the store, Pedro’s and Wine Devine. I am camping out here as dcg and klcman stopping bye at some point. Internet still giving me grief – Paul agreed something is up today as it is not usually this bad.

3 thoughts on “Crunch time

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  2. Directabundance says:

    happy to see your mom arrived safely. Please take lots of pictures and have lots of fun, i will be following your travels.

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