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Weather In Belize

Rain Report by Cowboy Doug


The rain was coming down hard around 7:00 am and stopped pretty much as soon as tacoboy got up to close the windows. Cowboy Doug of Cowboy’s Pool Bar & Grill at Grand Caribe Resort sent me his North Ambergris Caye range gauge report. Between 4:00 and 7:00 am Sunday morning, rainfall was 1 inch and 7/10ths, and it rained and blew enough to sink a small boat up north. Yesterday mornings splash and dash brought us 1/10th and this mornings rain 13/100ths (just a little over 1/10th).

Not a lot of rain overall, but usually it is drier this time of year so the showers over the past few days must be bumping the annual rainfall in Belize totals for January slightly higher. Typically January is drier in northern Belize and gets more rain to the south. Average temperatures for January run low of 70 degrees to a high of 80 degrees. 81.5°F or 28°C. Current San Pedro Belize temperature courtesy of San Pedro Weather Live – if you want a visual from South Ambergris Caye area click on link to see their weather station webcam.

Between out of country server issues and local internet slowdown Storm Chasers Belize webcam on taco cam page has been a bit sketchy lately. I hope the internet gods are smiling upon us and the kinks get worked out asap. Sorry for any inconvenience to your Caribbean Sea viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately my foot is still not quite ready for beach walks or aquafit class at San Pedro fitness club. I did make it to Legends Burger house and town yesterday. I am ok with that because tacoboy just had a coffee break in our pool and said the water was shockingly cold. I need to get some bike repairs done first as well. Dick’s beach cruiser needs a tire patch and so does Cindy’s. Luckily Zac had the patch kit and tire levers and Dennis is willing to do the repairs. All of the above happening on Belize time 🙂

I will leave you with a couple of canal pictures and a street shot from San Pablo area.

current belize weather

Sunflower street Canal

belize weather report,

Walking to my friends house

caribbean weather

San Pablo Canal


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  1. tacogirl January 17, 2012

    Nurse sharks I am ok with, it’s the 12 foot crocodile in our canal I am wear of. 🙂

  2. Dr Al January 17, 2012

    Be careful Laurie in the middle pic off to the right there is a puddle the size of a small nurse shark:)


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