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Counting down

The count down is on and I can honestly say what is keeping me the busiest right now besides making lists and digging up stuff for the yard sale is scheduling all our food invites.

Last night at Changes in Latitudes was such a good thing. We kicked off with Mango Margarita’s then moved onto delicious skewers, salad hot tortillas and fresh made brownies.

Today I am off to breakfast with Courtney Ken and Martha at Monkey bites and then we have 2 evening engagements – Quicksilver Dianne is hosting bring an appy and drink night and Ken and Martha are doing a bbq. Good thing they live in the same neighborhood.

11:55 am
TQ is on her way here and she is due in sometime around one. She will get a good surprise when she arrives as we are on the guest list for 2 food events – yum. DCG thanks for getting the large size rum at the store lol we are the punch patrol tonight.

12:32 pm
Chatted with Marilyn and she is going to take bets for the Derby like last year.

Sterling is helping out by picking up some donations by boat for the yard sale.

Where does time go. Simon came by and took Shannon to BC’s for a bit. I have just enough time to get ready and pack up everything we need for our journey. We have 2 containers of rum punch and some food for each destination.

Lot can happen while washing up – when I got back to my lt I saw Carole had popped me on the coconut phone with news that tropic just made a donation to the auction and she was getting her gift certificate ready.

We had a great time and fab food at Ken and Martha’s then we headed on over to Quicksilver Dianne’s place to eat and chat more. Changes and Latitudes girls were there and this girl was playing amazing steel drum in the yard. She will come and play tomorrow at the party.

Afterwards we stopped by Courtney’s for a last good bye and headed back to town to checkout Kra – Z – K’s new office.

Nice yard


Driving around San Pedro

Hello Richard

Friendly face

Furniture store

TQ and tacoboy

Flat Stanley and Courtney

Courtney and Stacy

4 thoughts on “Counting down

  1. travelqueen says:

    CT, you got the invite… you snooze, you looze!!

    Hey, check out the food in my mouth! Yummy!!!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks CT great list hope you can stay dry and enjoy Joan Jet.
    TQ having a good time in paradise.

  3. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    On the list for CT today;
    1. place bet for Gayego in the Derby.
    2. Go down to Musicfest to see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Sheryl Crow tonight.
    3. Get mud boots out because it is raining cats and dogs.
    I am forgetting one thing…
    Oh yes, be mad @ TQ because she is down there in paradise! 🙂

    Good luck with the HC fund raiser this weekend sounds like you busted your butt for it.

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