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Costa Maya adventure

Yesterday on our way into town we stopped to say hi to Melody, she politely asked if Erin and Jo wanted to do the Costa Maya tour today and said I could go along for the ride.

We are getting cleaned up – packing to go bags and swimsuits on. Paul will hold down the fort and get a break from noisy girls ha ha.

The boat ride to Costa Maya was nice – not too choppy. Once we got there they set everyone up with their forms and sent us to breakfast. The woman who was accompanying us Shannon was fun and we had lots of laughs over breakfast and answering questions during the presentation.

After we were done we headed to the dive shop where Craig and his staff set us up with our snorkel gear ($5 usd for half day I think). Jo ended up on the dock while Erin and I decided to take a kayak out and see Mexico Rocks. We saw so many cool looking fish – I saw quite a few that I had not seen before – time really stands still when you are enjoying the under water world. Erin said it was an awesome experience – until she saw a big stingray then it was time to head for the kayak. When we got back to the shop to turn in our gear, Craig pulled out a fish chart so we could check out what we saw – he mentioned they had seen about 25 squid up close that morning and talked to us about how intelligent they are.

Here is the 411 on time share – Jo and Erin both thought it was a good deal and although neither of them was ready to sign on the dotted line yet, Jo thinks it will be a great investment for her kids and said she is strongly considering it – she talked to many people who owned time share while she was on the dock and all of them said they found it worth while if you use it. Both Erin and Jo said they price was much cheaper than they had expected.

When we got home Jo asked Paul to go with her to get the 24h golf cart rental that they picked for doing the time share. We headed south for a bit and had a quick pit stop to visit Lara then continued on south for a bit before turning around to go back to town – dropped Paul off along the way so he could watch the Raptors game. We ordered dinner from one + one and ran into Ken and Mel.

Later on the girls drove around town in the cart – Paul read on the veranda and I took an early night to get rid of headache.

Boat ride

Costa Maya dock

Costa Maya

Erin Jo

Waiting for breakfast

Time share presentation

Ham and cheese omelet

Joanne Shannon

Touring Costa Maya

Nice grounds



Laura Jilly Ruth

Erin Jo Shannon

Erin getting gear from Craig

Golf cart ride

Interesting sunset

2 thoughts on “Costa Maya adventure

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a great tour again today w Taco Girl; celebrity blogger. 🙂
    Not only is she a great guide on land but she was also very patient w me on sea; Like when i saw the huge stingray and immediately wanted back on the “car” lol
    did Taco mention why she n Taco boy had headaches? ya that was Jo-Annes driving the golf cart over bumps and sending them air born.
    and btw I lost my favorite bikini bottom at Costa Maya -oops-if anyone finds it please give it back to Laurie and ill get it next time. THX
    and I think time shares are great! I am so glad I know more about them now. They are a good investment!

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