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Blah Monday

Sometimes you just have those kind of Mondays where everything is moving in slow motion and you can’t seem to get overly excited about anything in particular work wise.

I figured since I am still on my first coffee I have room to stall a bit and considering going to get some exercise with a bike ride and grocery shopping to get me motivated.

Just got a pm from azbob saying he will be back in 16 days and asked if there was anything we needed. Much to my dismay old navy has a really good sale on now – I chose the sensible answer and went with nuts. Mini chat is busy this morning –  Chunkyruth said that Chunk is riding his bike again which is great news.

Question… Anyone have a good suggestion for getting stuck screws removed from back of a laptop? Paul’s old one which is our guest computer tends to overheat and I am sure if I could clean it properly inside that would help only trouble is I cannot get any of the screws undone. I tried a dab of clr then vinegar on a cue tip to no avail. (vinegar worked on unsticking taps at old house and I have used in on rust before) Thinking maybe wd-40?

Just finished coffee number 2 – cleaning fridge and planning out my shopping route. Going to start at Maria’s and work my way back to San Pedro Public and that new cash and carry store past the water depot.

As usual you can have a list all set out for what you want to buy but it is really a good idea to keep open to what you will find. Often your list can end up somewhere between slightly to radically changed. The 2 things I wanted most that I did not get today were grapefruits and peppers – was not riding all the way to town for a pepper today lol.

Spent $21.50 at Maria’s and for that I got a red cabbage an avocado 3 carrots 2 plantains 10 small onions and she threw in a mango.

Onto San Pedro Public where my bill was $37.45 – that got me 1 can diced tomatoes – 2 cans salsa casera – 1 bag sun chips – 1 box lala milk – 1 packet gatorade powder (makes 1 gallon much cheaper than buying bottles) – 2 packs spiral noodles to make soup – 2 packs coconut powder – 1 box mac and cheese – 1 dish sponge.

Now the exciting part the new Warehouse outlet store – San Pedro Price Club. This place shows promise of being the Santiago Castillo replacement we have all been waiting for. They are still new and getting more stock but the owner was very nice and he said he was open to suggestion.  The girl who checked me out was very polite and even offered to help me carry my bags out to my bike. I did not really need anything there but wanting this place to succeed I picked up a few things… 2 rolls tp – 1 box lala milk – 2 packs ramen noodles – 1 salsa casera – 1 coconut powder and 1 tube toothpaste which was on sale red dot special for $3 – total cost $12  I have seen toothpaste as high as $8.75 here and usually if things are on sale be sure and check the date before buying.

I did not find sugar in my travels or green peppers so I went to Espinosa store to check and ended up with sugar and a cucumber for $1.25. No ice there or at Nano store either. For all you Jello heads they sell homemade cups of Jello at Nano I thought that was a pretty funny thing to see in the fridge.

Saga fundraiser generated just over $7000 big thanks to all who helped out in one way or another.

Maria's fruits and vegetables

Maria’s fruits and vegetables – she makes great juice too

Warehouse outlet

Warehouse Outlet store

Warehouse outlet San Pedro

Stuff sold by the case or singles

Espinosa's store


2 thoughts on “Blah Monday

  1. tacogirl says:

    ct I have not worn the ones she sent with you yet – I am still at the stage of admiring them and showing them off to friends ha ha actually I meant to take a pic for the blog and just not got around to it yet.

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    I can get Rump Shaker to mail AZ some more of Paul’s favorite things if you want? I hear the Colly is now wanting a special type of Pony and I think that it is time for AZ to stammer and sputter at customs if they take a peek at his bag! LOL!

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