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Clean it up

Was up at 5:00am today and really wanted to hit the beach for some sunrise shots but I just could not get it together to move that fast. I decided to tackle wiping down the cupboards [we were sprayed for wood beetles again] and get some work done. Hoping to make it to Banyan Bay beach Later.

Message for anyone who lives north of the bridge or who is interested in volunteering to help keep Ambergris Clean….

Good Afternoon,

This is an email to friends, resort owners I know, and residents that live North such as myself and Jim and people that don’t like the trash as much as I do.

Will you please help with the clean up scheduled for May 7th. I have had some responses but we need more. If you have workers, employees, yard helpers or plain and simply yourself. We can use all the help we can get. Please let me know where you are located at so we can coordinate all that are helping. Like I said we have some volunteers but we need YOU!

Beach and road. We have Town Board coming up with the trash truck to help with collection so it goes to the dump where it belongs.

Our goal is to keep it maintained from now on with beach walkers and road walkers. It only takes a small amount of time to maintain everyday instead of a huge clean up. A trash bag and a small walk is all it takes everyday.

This is only trash and plastics, not natural items.
Please email that you can help – tammyinbelize[at]

“make every day count”

I never did make it to the beach but I did manage a good float in the pool after taking pics of boys fixing and moving boats.

3 thoughts on “Clean it up

  1. Lisa says:

    The trash makes me sad…how can I help clean it up…….I`m in one piece at a time we can do it.
    Send me an email with any info on groups heading out to clean up.


  2. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    Tammy ~ I wish we could be there for the clean up north of the bridge. We will definitely participate in future efforts and had already planned on picking up trash along the beach near where we’ll be living later this year. I’m delighted to hear of this effort as Belize is far too beautiful to have so much trash. If everyone pitches in, we can keep it clean!

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