Chicken Fried Steak

by tacogirl
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Dear Dr Al, you will be pleased to know I took the day off blogging yesterday, unfortunately I still had to work all morning. Dean and Gigi asked Paul, Dennis and I to join them for lunch down south at Lone Star Grill and Cantina, formerly known as Mr. Joe’s Grocery. My appetite is still not back to normal but in the interest of gaining 10lbs I managed a chicken fried steak  covered in cream gravy. It came with with fries and Texas toast on the side, which I was not able to finish.

Today we are heading for some r&r up north and looking forward to a nice country drive and playing games at the big pool. I been flipping between work and packing a beach bag, so far I have a book, backgammon, jenga, Frisbee and hula hoops. Going to go get a few float rings ready in case it warms up enough to go in the water.

Time for a juice break, just texted Dennis to come up for some, he is my current clean eating encouragement guy. Making us papaya, banana, orange with moringa leaf, powder and chia seeds. Been doing various combos of apple lime, watermelon,  banana with leaf, powder and seeds all week.

Hope you are having a great Sunday.

The patient who is saving her Chardonnay for you.

driving north of the bridge ambergris caye belize

Sunday drive

Belize poker info from Pedro’s Poker Club

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday and recovered sufficiently from their New Year’s celebrations.  Pedro’s Inn has been supplying us with numerous tourists for our games and we’ve had no shortage of poker action.

Up this week at Pedro’s…

Ladies Night is back
Free LCD TV’s
Win your tournament entry

And now for all the details…


We’re kicking this week off with our new $30 NLH Satellite Tournament.  This single table tournament awards up to 2 people a seat into our regular Sunday $110 No Limit Hold’em Tournament.  To play, be sure to be at Pedro’s early because we’re starting right at 2pm.

At 3pm, we’ll be running our regular Sunday $110 No Limit Hold’em Tournament in which you get $6000 chips.  For an additional $10 dealer bonus, you can start with an additional $1500 in chips.

At approximately 5:00 we’ll be kicking off a 1/2 US NL Hold’em cash game.  Free drinks and food apply for cash players and we’re still trying to give away a TV.  If your action is called all the way down with a straight flush made with both your hole cards, you take home a new flatscreen LCD TV.

Monday and Wednesday

Our regular 1/2 US NL Hold’em begins at 7pm. As with our Sunday cash game, free drinks and food apply and you qualify for the TV giveaway.


Ladies Night is Back!  Ladies, get ready for some more fun and relaxed poker fun. The game kicks off at 7pm and we’re giving out free drinks and food.  At the request of some of the ladies, we’ll be removing the betting limits and lowering the blinds.  The game this week will be 1/3 Belize No Limit Hold’em.  You can buy in for between $50 and $200 Belize.  If you need some help understanding what all this means or need to know how to play, be sure to show up by 6:30pm and I’ll give you a bit of a tutorial.

And I’m happy to announce that we’ll be running Ladies Night on a regular basis.  Plan for it on the second Tuesday of every month.


Thursday is our new Belize Nights at Pedro’s.  We start at 7pm with a $55 NL Hold’em tournament with a $5 dealer bonus. The tournament has a $500 guaranteed prize pool, so be sure to come down and play. After the tournament we’ll spread our 1/3 Belize NL Hold’em cash game. The game has a $50 Belize minimum buy-in and a $300 Belize max.  Of course we provide the free food and drinks and like all our other cash games, you qualify for the LCD TV giveaway.

There is plenty of opportunity to play this week at Pedro’s. I hope to see you all there.


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Dr al January 9, 2012 - 6:54 am

Good for you! What a good patient. I hope there was gravy on the fries. Furthermore the reccomendation was for a vanilla shake per day, not that flaky tree hugging, health food junk. which is good only as a laxative. However there is much to be said for having functional plumbing. The fee for my consultation is 1 bottle at the inflated local price. Must be French import. Go to Wine de Devine. But I am worth it I think.

tacogirl January 9, 2012 - 7:17 am

No gravy on my fries but there was enough for 2 people on my steak. lol @ flaky tree hugging, health food junk – great for energy too. Not so good a patient you will find out why on today’s blog post 🙂


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