toronto winter ice storm 2013

Celebrating Cold Weather in Belize and our 8th Ambergris Caye Island Anniversary

The best way to manage celebrating the cold weather we have been experiencing is to appreciate those who have it worse from afar. I have been getting some very serious reminders of that lately with some snow and great ice storm pictures. No matter where you are the pictures below will not make you any warmer, but neither would a pic from here if I had snapped one this morning, the gray sky would have been a good match to the icy cold.

The first series of icicle pictures are from Matt who is now here with his girlfriend Sara and dog Johnson. While they were getting ready for their visit, the big ice storm hit Ontario and Matt was one of the people keeping me in the loop about huge loss of power and how Johnson had to postpone his last vet appointment before traveling, due to power outs caused by the weather. They all deserved a tropical get away in Belize after the full on ice storm experience. 

He keeps telling me I look like a gumshoe (An old slang term for a detective or investigator) wearing my trench coat because it’s so cold.

toronto ice storm 2013
“BRRRR” in Toronto – picture by Matt Hoy
big ice storm in toronto 2013t
Colorful cold winter – picture by Matt Hoy
toronto winter ice storm 2013 picture by Matt Hoy
So many icicles. Toronto winter ice storm 2013 – picture by Matt Hoy

This short write up below and next series of pictures came from Scott Beloff, who can’t wait to get here with his wife and kids. They’re all experiencing a cold New York winter. His pictures make me really happy to have spent the last 8 winters living on a tropical island. And although this one has been colder than I remember in a while, I would gladly deal with it any day over snow.

The first picture below is Old Country road in Hicksville NY.  It’s where I work for the largest utility in the northeast. It’s 10 degrees outside right now, and we are expected to get anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of snow over the next 14 hours. It’s suppose to get down to 3 degrees with the wind chill factor tonight… They are actually closing all of the major roads here tonight at midnight. Fun fact, I fell in love with A.C 12 years ago… we met some great people including on Ambergris Caye, people like Island Dog… I also learned to sail at TMM boat charters next to Ramon’s village. Michel, who is the brother of one of the owners of TMM was so friendly… I was so thrilled with my multiple sailing adventurers aboard one of their trimarans, I gave him a gift – a t-shirt from a local surf shop here in Long Island. He was so appreciative he gave me a huge discount on my time with their equipment (something that doesn’t happen here too often). I also started to like hot sauce after tasting Marie Sharps, and I now get it shipped by the case to my house twice a year. I have a beautiful painting from local artist Marcos Larios in my living-room… It’s been my reminder of A.C since my departure. I’ve wanted to get back to A.C ever since my last day there 12 years ago. Which now brings us to 2014… 2 kids now and too many years have passed. I needed to get back, so I’m treating myself to my favorite beach vacation. My family and I land on my 50th birthday, so the sights should ease the pain of the big five-O. – Scott Beloff

old country road hicksville
Old Country road in Hicksville NY – picture by Scott Beloff
winter in new york 2013
Cherry picker snow removal – picture by Scott Beloff
new york winter pictures
Big snowbank – picture by Scott Beloff
new york weather
Here comes the 6 to 10 inches of snow that was forecast – Picture by Scott Beloff

This last batch of super cool ice storm pictures comes from my brother in Strreetsville, Ontario. Now if any of the cold pics I have posted today could make me almost want to see winter again up close for a few minutes, it would be these next ones. I love how they sparkle.

icicle pictures from the big ontario ice storm winter 2013
Frozen in time – picture by Rob Norton
icicle pictures from the big ontario ice storm winter 2013
Finding the beauty in winter – picture by Rob Norton
ice pictures from the ontario ice storm winter 2013
Winter ice art – picture by Rob Norton
ontario ice storm 2013
Sparkling winter wonderland – picture by Rob Norton
interesting ice pictures
Snow covered icicles – picture by Rob Norton

Another cause for celebration this past week; we just had our 8th anniversary of moving to Ambergris Caye island. With Mat and Sara being here from Toronto to visit Karen and the raptors game being on, Paul arranged our anniversary date to include them and NBA League pass at Lola’s. I did not mind and was happy to enjoy pulled pork sliders and a rum and cranberry. Afterward we all went to DandE’s, and Matt treated us to ice cream. On the way home we stopped at Pedro’s for a few minutes so Paul could ring the bell and I could wish Peter Happy Anniversary as well – he turned up here the same day only a few years earlier.

belize bars
Celebrating our 8th year island anniversary with a ‘same as before’ aka rum and cranberry
belize food
Pulled pork sliders with coleslaw and mac and cheese for sides.

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