San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Celebrating Christmas Day

9:46 am clock is ticking lol I finished getting most of the to go stuff for Pedro’s ready. Have yet to decide about boat yard stuff – chatting with Zac and Lara on the coconut phone.

Had a great time at Pedro’s with many of our friends. Food was yum gift game was a crack up as always.

Casey’s party was fun too – can’t wait to see a few daytime shots that Rudy took. It was still pretty active when we arrived – the buffet was ravished.

Pedro’s cart the humbug – not sure who decorated it for him ha ha

Ready for a full house

Add kicks in – this is what I saw on my short walk – also Ken – Martha – Rick and drummer Dan

Christmas crowd

Pierre and Andi-Lee

Smoking outside for today

Good Peter and Aida brought the bus

Walter and I

Walter on the humbug – Pedro’s cart

Walter and Cindy

Walter and Sharon

Walter and JD

Walter and Maureen

JD delegating his job to Steve

Dogs patiently waiting outside while we eat


Gift Game was big

Grant getting tool box

I stole the tool box – it was stolen twice more

Beth got incense and candles – Maureen stole them from her

Jamila gets a wine rack – no-one stole it

Sharon and JD

Jd looking at the one of a kind Pedro’s calender

Alan picked a toaster – finally got it stolen

Sharon picked a prize worth stealing – it was stolen twice

Pedro Stole the Jelly Babies – from a small girl – she was smart and picked a similar gift

Walter Stealing the cookie Jar

Thirsty Molly

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