San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Carole’s Birthday

Getting Around Ambergris Caye by Golf CartThursday we celebrated Carole’s birthday. Dick wanted to do a surprise party so we made plans during the day to hang out and swim and then we pretended to be just going home after, but really we were getting the cake and heading back to their house.

Dick was rushing Carole to hurry up and get washed up after the swim, while she was doing so, Nancy Diane and Drummer Dan all turned up. we got there a short while later. It was a fun day, Dick rented a cart and we tripped around town some and went south to Fido’s Sandbar.

Belikin depot

getting case of beer


heading south

Fido’s Sandbar

Carole Chris and Val

Carole going for a dip

Carole taking pics in the pool

Carole, Chris and Val in the pool

Carole and Val

Carole trying to sit down while Dick was driving off

Nancy Carole and Diane on the balcony

drummer Dan and Paul

enjoying Carole’s birthday

Diane getting Paul to try on headband

kitchen party

Val filming cake

Dick and cake

hanging out chating

mmm cake time

Paul and Carole relaxing

Carole and Val

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