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Trying new things

Sometimes tacoboy tells me I do not like change. It is not necessarily that I am opposed to change or new things but it is always an adjustment period to learn a ‘new way’ of doing something when you are used to the ‘old way’.

Take the new Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 upgrade for example. When I got offered the option this morning to upgrade I did not hesitate to start the download process. Since then I have found myself choosing the wrong option or looking in the wrong spot for things.

I am doing my best to retrain my brain to their new format. Though I would not change having upgraded – I have to wonder if sometimes changes are made for the sake making something different and not necessarily because there was something wrong with the ‘old way’ or the new way is any ‘better’.

As you know I enjoy sharing my correspondence with you and today’s letter is an important one as it is a call for help – so please read it well and put your thinking caps on. We need some good old fashioned six degrees of separation to happen asap for the Direct Abundance composting toilet project in San Mateo.

Hi tacogirl!

I hope you are awesome and the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye is keeping everyone healthy and happy.

I just wanted to drop you a line and give you an update on our project for San Mateo. As I have mentioned to you before the challenges and obstacles are always unexpected. As you know, we all are volunteers offering our time and expertise to help the community of San Mateo. Sometimes our own lives get in the way of getting things done in a short timeline, but never fear, we are always taking steps forward, even when no one is looking! And planning for success in a project can slow you down when trying to anticipate complications that you never really if they will or will not come up.

This project has been like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Every piece is as important as the other, each relying on the togetherness to make it complete. I can see the picture is almost finished however we need some more help.

I have managed to collect all the information on how the system will work and the theories why, I have information of how to build the system, the rough concept drawings are done, someone is working on the education piece for the community as we speak. I have the first recipient ready to begin the build and even a group of volunteers from United Methodist Church of Johnstown collecting donations and willing to help build the first system.  Again, I am grateful to you for making the introduction the make this possible. As you recall earlier in the year two volunteer contacted us to help but we were unable to make it possible at that time. Your readers are awesome! They truly love the island you call home. It appears everyone want to do their part!

Here is the missing piece; I need someone who has experience with building wastewater gardens to help do the building plans for the first system. I have an engineer in Belize City who is willing to consult with the project and a few feelers out myself, but so far, no luck. The engineer that we have been working with up to this point is suddenly, due to personal reasons, unable to move the project to completion. This was devastating new for us but he has no problem with me sharing the information he has given me to complete the project. Maybe you know someone who can help with this? Can you ask around for me? I know there are people out there who can come together with their knowledge and experience to change this community for the better! It only takes a moment in time to change a life forever!

As always, With Deepest Gratitude and Warmest Regards,

I will leave you with pics from a recent walk to Captain Sharks boat yard.

2 thoughts on “Trying new things

  1. tacogirl says:

    I might consider that Jason. I do use Chrome as my secondary browser – the only hassle would be changing all the book marks over.

  2. Jason Southwell says:

    You really should give Chrome another look. Chrome 11 is amazing and if you have to retrain yourself anyway, it would be a good move.

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