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Butt Shot

Waiting in line for my second butt shot. If you can believe it after yesterday’s result’s I am actually looking forward to it no butterflies. Going to read my book Inspiration Sandwich for a bit.

Here are a few bits from the book that caught my eye today

Pg 25 Learn to step lightly from one miracle to the next. Feeling rich is available to anyone at any time especially you!
(I have not been feeling very rich lately. One of the reasons why hit me today because I have not been going for my usual walks and enjoying the island since I have been under the weather)

Pg 49 Invite your fears in the tell them to sit down and shut up.
(Nothing like getting sick on a foreign country to be able to bring up a few fears you did not realize you were carrying.) As Sark says on page 71 “I like to think of my fears being driven away in a Rolls Royce. For it is true that once you face your fear, it looses all of it’s stuffing, and will sit quietly in the back seat and do what it is told.”

Pg 65 Sometimes you just have to put everything aside and have faith.
(My faith that we are here for a reason and I am doing what I am supposed to be doing is what keeps me going. Friends here are also a huge help)

Pg 67 I think it’s possible to forget how alive we really are. We can become dry and tired, just existing instead of really living. We need to remind ourselves of the juice of life and make that a habit. Find those places inside that jump for joy and do those things that bring out the best most magic self. Keep doing them.
(Living in San Pedro makes me want to jump for joy, well except when I am not feeling 100% that just makes me feel a bit dry and tired ha ha.)

Pg 79 Impossible means I’m possible. Plant all your impossible gardens and see what blooms. (Knowing I’m possible and planting the seeds of my impossible garden is what helped us get here. I will continue to grow my impossible garden and enjoy what grows)

Pg 135 I believe there is room for every person to work at a job they love, and we need to magnify that belief in society.
(Still working on this one – am happy with my progress considering it took me 40 years to figure out something I really enjoyed doing)

My turn now for a quick shot and nebulizer. Dr Teresa tricked me today. She asked me a question about where I lived and while I was thinking of the answer bam shot in the butt. Today’s shot hurt more than yesterday, hopefully switching back to the other side again tomorrow will make it painless again.

I am home now and resting on the couch – I can hear music and kids out the window. I am very tired and ready for a nap. Instead of dozing off to the tv or the company of my stuffed manatee, I have a few Sark books and my notebook beside me helping me dream of being well getting creative and new adventures.

Self portrait – girl with nebulizer

Not the most exciting pic to leave you with so I will add a couple from last weekends karaoke contest.

Miss Dianne in her – Ella Fitzgerald dress

Melody and Miss Dianne

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