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Living in Belize

Bumpy and Buggy in San Pedro


If there was ever a time to consider pimping your ride with a lockable glove box, it would be now so your bug spray can be kept safely on your cart at all times.

The skeeters are mini monsters right now and out in full force, day and evening, this is the worst I remember seeing them in a long time. It would make a good addition to our tropical horror film ideas along with night Dennis Paul and I outran the malathion truck twice on the back road near home.

Along with the bugs the back roads are crazy bumpy right now. Girls wear your sports bras if you are driving off the beaten path right now 🙂

I will leave you with some pictures I took today when we went to Amal Hardware store to get some screws. Dick building a new garage in his back yard. Off to go get ready for a hot date with tacoboy, he asked me to meet him for dinner at Banana Beach.

I had to log in on my phone and update you on my date. We are at El Divino cuddled up on a big comfy couch in the lounge watching The Hangover. Our tri chocolate obsession just got served, we shared shrimp quesadillas for our main course.

belize fruit

Buying a fresh pineapple at a roadside fruit stand – cost $10 BZD

belize animals

Lizard hanging out on a sand dune

flamboyant tree belize

Flamboyant trees are in bloom

driving in belize

Two guys riding on the back of a truck

san pedro belize

Bicycle refrigeration system

san pedro toown

Croc pond

belize real estate

More buildings going up

building in belize

Zooming in for a closer look

building a house in belize

A closer look at all the buildings

maya air flying into san pedro airport belize

Maya Air flying into San Pedro

belize bird

Bird on a wire


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  1. tacogirl July 3, 2013

    Sounds like a shopping trip to San Ignacio market is in order. Lol @ rich and shameless in the pineapple department. We do have a budget friendly option a bag of sliced pineapple costs $2bxd 🙂

  2. Dr Al July 3, 2013

    My San Ignacio homie recently contacted said she acquired a decent pineapple at the local market for 1.50$.=3.00bz. At the Corozal market it is $4.50 bz. San Pedro life is affordable only to the rich and shameless at least in the pineapple department.:)

  3. tacogirl July 2, 2013

    Not all Charlotte and also depends where you stop. What part of Yucatan?

  4. Charlotte July 2, 2013

    Are all seasonal fruits that pricey? I better stock up on repellent. I’ll be in the Yucatan next week.

  5. tacogirl July 1, 2013

    Agreed it is a little pricy. Factor in barge in regards to things costing more here. I will have to check how much they are going for on the mainland.

  6. Dr Al July 1, 2013

    That is a little pricey for pineapple. The local Super Walmart has a bunch from Costa Rica now for 2.50$= 5$bz. Just sayin’


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