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Living in Belize

Brain Dump


Went for breakfast at Estel’s this morning with travelqueen – travelprincess – Mitch – Sev and Gill.  It was delicious as usual and a nice treat because I have not been there in a while. Now that I have permanently swapped toast for fried jacks breakfast it is   better to keep breakfast out as an occasional thing lol.

I started my Authority Blogger Course today. Even though my blog has been up and running for a while now Chris Garrett recommended I start at the beginning and do the blog launch section – I am glad he did because I am finding lots of useful information. I managed to get through a bunch of intro reading – copied out the homework questions from the “Brain Dump” pdf for  exercise one and read the 11 pages of posts on that exercise – I am ready to call it quits for the night 10 pm and I am so ready to turn into a pumpkin.

DCG I am keeping you in mind for inspiration because you are doing so well in your courses and sticking to the goals you set for yourself.


Breakfast on the beach

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