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Bouncy Dog


Carole asked us to look after Sandy this last weekend while her Jaques and Marie Ann went to Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure Co. and Jungle Lodge for a tropical jungle adventure. on the mainland. She is the bounciest dog ever. Paul and I took her for a long walk on the beach with Cindy and Molly Sunday and even after all  that running around she still was hyper. We walked as far as Caribe Island and thought if she was up for company we would visit Lara’s she was dealing with her sick cat Chowder. Sadly we hit the wrong time – Laurie the vet from San Pedro Animal Hospital was there and Chowder was being put down. Lara was very grateful that the vet came to her instead of her having to take Chowder in like she did when it was Izzy’s time to go.

The annual Reef Week event and in order to find a theme for this year’s event, Hol Chan Marine Reserve hosted its annual Slogan & Poster Competition. Entries were received, from several primary schools; however, the Holy Cross Anglican School claimed that spot, with their slogan ‘Save the Reef Today – find out more about the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Education Program on Ambergris Daily – your daily source for News and Information about San Pedro Belize.

Carbunkle Trumpet sent me a cool video of his friend  Tad  Pierson’s  company Flipside Memphis – his American Dream Safari tour company takes tourists and locals alike to the disappearing landmarks of Memphis rock and soul in his 1955 Cadillac. This is exactly the kind of tour I would take and I thought it was worth sharing in case anyone is heading to Memphis any time soon. Shout out to the Cozy Corner barbecue. Wishing I had some for lunch right now – eating a cucumber sandwich instead.

San Pedro Animal Hospital

love the Cozy Corner BBQ
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  1. tacogirl April 14, 2010

    I could tell from the video that Tad’s knowledge of Memphis music history is top notch – looks like a fab gonzo tour.

  2. tacogirl April 14, 2010

    So true Glennis. We got shook on and ran over as the dogs were chasing coconuts.

  3. Glennis April 13, 2010

    A good bouncy dog is fun to take for a walk on the beach, but they shake themselves all over you when they have been for a swim!

  4. Carbunkle Trumpet April 13, 2010

    Yep nothing against the big hitters (Rendezvous, Corky’s, Neely’s) but there are some great food joints that should not be missed.
    Tad’s knowledge of Memphis music history is top knotch as well, he really gives a great tour that is a great gonzo tour.

  5. tacogirl April 13, 2010

    Too funny Bob – I know where I am going if I ever get to Memphis.

  6. Bob April 13, 2010

    OMG! The Cozy Corner barbeque joint! The absolute best barbeque ribs in the world. I lived in Memphis for 5 years and this is one of the things I miss about it the most. If you have been there you have been made privy to one of Memphis best kept secrets.( at least it was in the 90’s) If you went there you were either completely lost or taken there by a local.


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