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Bon Voyage Courtney


Monday’s upcoming sunset cruise is almost full – only a couple of spaces left it is going to be a good one. Can’t wait for the Bon Voyage Party at Tropic Air Bar 208 before hand.  It will be sad saying Bon Voyage to travelqueen and travelprincess but fun meeting up with all the message boarders before hand. We are planning to get there at 2:30pm now instead of 3pm for those of you who want to see tq and tp off. Lots of people who are not coming on the boat said they will drop in and say hi to everyone – Buzz and Karen  that means your secret surprise will be well enjoyed by all.

Might write some more later if I get inspired.

Big news for today – just saw the new San Pedro Map & Guide map with one of my pictures on the cover – very exciting. I told Paul after he had finished putting it together what a big deal it was to get on the front cover because my dad had a thing for maps which carried on down to me. That is one of the things I saved after he died was part of his map collection – I know he would have thought it was cool thing to get cover shot.  The other big news is that Pedro’s is expanding to Caye Caulker – will have more details on that soon.

Here are a few pics of our Bon Voyage to Courtney last Monday at Bar 208

Bon Voyage Courtney

Tropic Air bar 208

Ken - Martha - Rachael and Courtney

Bon Voage party for Courtney

Tropic Air bar 208

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