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Body Awareness

Today marks the second week of tai chi classes. I did not really feel like going when I woke up this morning, but I went anyway and I was glad for it.

Zac explained that one of the major benefits of tai chi is that it is the only exercise that will actually help prevent bones from breaking in old age. The reason for this is that the movements actually heat up and temper your bones so they do not become brittle with age. I know when I practiced in Toronto at the Cecil community center, the age range of students was mostly over 60 years old and they were all more agile than the few of us who were younger and still green at the form. (by younger I mean over 30)

Tai Chi generates body awareness. Right now I notice 2 areas that hold tension, my knees and my right shoulder. Since I sit at my computer desk a lot, I was a bit surprised that those were the only 2 areas that I noticed a lot of tension. Today when holding the correct posture, I noticed my knees were not quite as strained as they were in the first couple of classes. After practicing chi gong and tai chi, especially on the days when we finish with one particular floor mat exercise, I can feel my body energy is different throughout the day. It is like my body is stretching and growing into a new alignment. If I can feel that after only 4 classes I can just imagine how good it will feel after a prolonged period of time.

outside of tai chi room

lots of windows inside the building

our practice space – mirrored wall across from the doors so we can observe our moves

tennis club has a great pool

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