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Living in Belize

Boca Del Rio after hurricane Dean


I was able to make it up to the school today and see how San Mateo fared during the storm. The school was fine and most of the lake that was there after the storm has gone away, the ground is still soft though. San Mateo has a lot of standing water and is a bit worse for ware if that is possible.

Along the way I took some pictures of Boca Del Rio area and just across the bridge.

I walked 8058 steps on my journey which came to 46 minutes of aerobic activity and 4405 aerobic steps.

To see pictures of the school after Hurricane dean please go to http://www.holycrossbelize.blogspot.com/

Cleaning up debris

Some debris

River boat

Tranquil River

Some debris in yard

At the bridge

The cut

Wonky power lines

Looking out from Holy Cross

Smiling fireball


Enjoying a walk

Dreadys Coco Loco

MMMM Dande’s

Main road

Roof metal

Boat in yard

Some rubble

On the prowel


Boat’s safe

Tidy yard

Antijitos is in good shape

Laundry time

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    god bless


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