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A Day With Birthday Boy

I just saw a 19 year old win a million dollars on a game show. Imagine how different any of our lives would be if that had happened to us? I wonder if I would have moved to Belize or would I have landed in a different Tropical location instead. I can say for sure it likely would not have taken me so long to get there.

I finished up my work early today so I could go out with Dick and Paula to celebrate his birthday. Since it was his day we gave him carte blanche to choose whatever he wanted to do. Paula and I were happy that going for a swim at the beach was what his top pick and we all agreed a nice walk down to Banyan Bay area was a perfect way to celebrate.  We hung out on the dock and got chatting with a nice couple who was repeat vacationing. The November weather was perfect and the water at the end of the dock was gorgeous. It was so shallow that we were able to sit in the sand and relax, I felt like I was at a tropical spa. Afterward we decided that fish and chips at El Divino restaurant was in order, so we walked to Banana Beach Resort for lunch. They make the best fish and chips there and the staff is always friendly and making us laugh. [ If you go fishing and have a big Catch you can take it to El Divino and they will cook it up any style, forget the price but it is very reasonable. Our friend Mary did that when she was here and ordered family style sides to go with the fish]

On a slightly different note, I found an interesting article that many of you will enjoy  – Expat stereotypes: Do we deserve them?

We are all aware of the different stereotypes attached to local groups when we are visiting or living in their country, but it seems to be less often discussed how we expats might also easily be stereotyped. Obviously the locals in a city where many other nationalities are congregating can generalize about each group, and and the expats themselves can also group the others together as well. To read the full article go to

Here are pics from our walk and beach time, a small part of me fell in love with Ambergris Caye all over again today as I was thinking about how it took us 15 minutes to get from my front door to the end of the dock and tropical paradise.


16 thoughts on “A Day With Birthday Boy

  1. Millie says:

    Great pictures, we can’t wait wait for our trip either. T minus 10 days to meet you and try the delicious Fish and Chips.
    Seems like you all enjoyed Birthday boy’s beach day

  2. Paula Segrest says:

    Laurie, I finally got to read about our Birthday Boy Day! What a fun article and great shots. You’re the best and I’m happy to call ya friend. 🙂

  3. tacogirl says:

    Have met quite a few friends of different nationalities here Remo and up till now always figured them as expats not immigrants for no particular reason other than expat is the buzz word so to speak. Will have to check in and see what their thoughts are and what they are commonly refereed to as. Interesting debate.

  4. Remo says:

    Laurie let me give you a better example.

    Laurie I bet you that if a Chinese man or Syrian man came to Belize and had the same EXACT situation like you in terms of status and passports, he WOULD NOT be called an expat.

    That is my point, why are only certain people called expats and others are not?

    I never heard of a Chinese man or African or Arab for example being called an expat.

    I hesitate to when people like to refer to themselves as expats. Reminds me of the old British colonial system.

    And yes, my Grandfather (dad side) came to Belize with the British Army and stayed here until he died in early 90s. he always referred to himself as an expat although he was actually a legal immigrant.

    This can be debated right:)


  5. tacogirl says:

    11 days away that is great Bob. Mathieu’s Deli continuously getting great reviews. El Divino is one of our favs because it is so close to us and we love the staff there. There is a good local spot to try on the north side of the old football field in town and towards the lagoon, not really a restaurant but a walk up window they make really good flautas in the afternoon and prices can’t be beat.

  6. bob says:

    11 days for us til we arrive. What is the word about any new restaurants? Mathieu’s Deli? Will have to try El Divino for the fish and chips this trip. Great pictures!

  7. tacogirl says:

    I have heard that for Germans too but not french. I remember someone passing themselves off as American over Canadian when traveling and travel buddies were behaving badly, at the time it was a common stereotype that Americans were a bit obnoxious travelers in Europe.

  8. tacogirl says:

    Good point Remo I still think of myself as an expat even though I have residency because I still have Canadian Citizenship. Not sure I would change that unless it made sense or I could get dual. Just read the article you posted great read.

  9. Kathy Furlotte says:

    Thanks for the great shots from Banyan Bay dock. I can try to picture myself there. Only 3 months to go!

  10. Alan Slater says:

    Hi Laurie,
    Just to let you know…….whilst you guys were whooping it up and deciding what to do for a Halloween or a birthday, here in New England we were dealing with a Nor’easter. We had 18ins. of wet snow onto trees that still had loads of leaves……..result, downed trees and limbs, dropping on power lines. We were without power, heat, phones, tv, Internet, for 9 days. 95% of stores were shut down, banks were closed because the computers were down and could not dispense cash, ATMs gonzo,gas stations could not pump gas, credit cards useless and you couldn’t get hold of a chain saw or standby generator for love nor money. We froze our asses off, as night time temps dropped to 26F. At one stage, there were 8million people without power. It happened at 6.45pm Saturday 29th Oct. Some people are still without power!!! So this year will be a memorable one, as here in Springfield MA. we had a hurricane, followed by a tornado that tracked on the ground for 39 miles and now a power outage that effected MA. NH. VT. ME and northern CT. We really, really must have p…..oed the Gods!!!
    Alan S.

  11. Remo says:

    All I know is that no matter what country I have been to in any part of the world the Italians….French…..and Germans have always been labeled as bad tippers and constant complainers.

    Talking to my friends here in Belize who work in the tourist Industry, that stereotype seems to hold true for the most part.

    Yes, I know there are exceptions to the rule, but that seems to be the general thinking from my experience.

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