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Bills Bills Bills

Considering the fact that BEL has shut our hydro down past 2 months in a row and said they would not turn it back on until the owner of the building fixes all the screwy wiring – it makes me wonder why our last bills were so high.  $284.68 bzd – I know we have had company but the bill doubled in size 2 months in a row.  Looking back over old bills to try and solve the mystery and our November/December bill was $105.49.

Still no hot water either – forgot to mention that we had a leak around March 2and that was bad enough to justify shutting the hot water off temporarily until P gets a chance to fix it. I am not  paying a fortune to Belize Water Services for wasted water.  At our first apt here in town our landlord Beto told us that the neighbors had not bothered to get a running toilet fixed and the result was an $800 water bill so after that I am very conscious of drips and stuff like that. Last water bill was $63.46 bzd.



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  1. My girlfriend told me about her Dad (Mr. Beto) and the infamous $800 water bill….haha!

    My father owns and rents a couple houses near the municipal airstrip and one time the tenant was away and there was a leak that persisted for weeks and weeks.

    The bill was over $600 dollars and the fun part was seeing who would pay the bill:)

    I have a 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bathroom 3,200 square foot home with internal cooling and A/C’s in each room. My electric bill was NEVER below $600Bz a month and my water bill was always over $400BZ a month as well.

    The last 2 months I only put on my A/c in my master bedroom during the night time just before I went to sleep. Only putting on one A/C for 5-6 hours a day decreased my bill by a little over $200BZ

    I also switched from electric to gas water heaters and my bill went down significantly. Actually, I am contemplating switching everything over to gas/butane considering these INSANE Electric and water bills.

    Maybe you should consider the same approach if possible?


  2. That is amazing how much you were able to save Remo. Wow 600 for a drip now I feel a bit more justified at the sound of our drip/trickle pissing me off ha ha.

    Since we are renters we just do what we can to keep the bill down. Basically we use lights 2 lap tops and tv. Save the Aircon for the summer if we can and try for evening / night time use.

  3. That BEL bill can’t be right. Try to fight it if u can.

  4. Well I am going have to check past bills and see if I can work out why the increase. Some people would say we have a cheap bill – I have heard of some pretty outrageous bill amounts here. It is actually one of the questions on my list to ask when we move into a new place what the past few months electric bills were like.

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