San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Belmopan Bound

The bus just pulled out of the station and we are on our way to Belmopan for the United Against Abuse workshop. They have serious satellite radio on the bus but juts my luck it is tuned into a bad country music station. We will get to Belmopan in about an hour the express bus – cost $4 bzd a head. Kings Children’s home is going to pick us up – Direct Abundance girls had 2 big hockey bags full of toys for them. They have 30 kids there right now and unfortunately Christmas was not so good for the kids this year.

Busy morning I got some work done hung out with Erin and Liam and packed. Then hurricane Jo showed up ready to go. We stopped at get Erin and Taylor at Caribbean Villas and little Erin announces she does not have her knapsack and does not know where it is – Jo said no knapsack no trip. Big Erin and Liam drove her back to CV to check by the pool but no luck.

We just passed a cemetery that reminds me of the counting cows game my brother and I used to play when we were kids. We would count as many cows as we saw out the window on our of the car and if you had a cemetery on your side you had to start at zero again.

More pics coming net is painfully slow and I am off to dinner. Finished loading pics net much faster now.

Water Taxi

What a view from this house

Belize City

Big Momma

Full boat

Water Taxi

Belmopan Bus Terminal

Belize City

Belize City

Walking to our room at Banana Bank

Our Cabana

Banana Bank Lodge

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