molasses truck belize

Belmopan and rebuilding Perdomo Rum Plant in the early 90’s

Here is a short story with a few pictures from my Helena Montana Weatherman Brent Doig on his experience helping out rebuilding the rum distillery in Belmopan back in the 90’s including more crazy small world Montana Belize connections.

When I was working in Belmopan back in the early nineties, I did the rebuild of the Perdomo rum plant, I was sitting outside the motel I was living at feeding a baby coatimundi a bottle.  It liked to dismantle my shoes while the maid cleaned my room… anyhow, I was sitting there in a chair when this pickup pulled up to the place and I glanced at the license plate and it was a Montana license plate…  the way ours were numbered, and kind of still are, you could tell what county the vehicle was licensed in.  It was a 6…  Bozeman~  I was like WTF!  was homesick and went over to the guy and about hugged him.  We had a nice chat.  He had actually moved to Belize with his wife and built cabinets.  Lived way down south but was in Belmopan redoing his visa or something.

Check link to Travellers Rum on Wikipedia…  the picture of the distillation columns are the ones I set up..with a prehistoric crane!  They bought them in the states and had them shipped down and then I went down and put it together.  Good time…  6 weeks…  awesome experience.  The family, the Perdomos, told me to take a break before I flew home and steered me to San Pedro…  that was the start of this whole thing.  Spent 4 nights there.  Crazy Was pretty cool J

molasses truck belize
Fixing tire on molasses truck
Prehistoric crane moving distillation
travellers rum plant
Crane unloading new equipment
travellers rum
Sami welding platform for new unit
Installing new rum distillation unit
travellers rum belize
Distillation column
belmopan belize
Using block and tackle to raise condenser
Crane unloading new equipment
travelers rum lant belize
Travellers Rum plant before new expansion
belmopan accomodations
Coatimundi eating my shoe
belize boat
Captain of ship

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