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Stormy Morning

Woke up to a  good thunder and lightening storm. So peaceful laying in bed listening to the rain. The downside is that there is already a skeeter in the house who is doing a good job of not letting me catch it –  pesky bugger. Rain has stopped and the birds are singing and I just heard the first morning puddle jumper go by.

More to come.

Pedro’s Pizza trivia night was packed tonight and the pot got just over $100. Pedro – Jack – Paul and I teamed up and were the Grumpy taco Escape this week. One of the questions was what was the collective name of Odin’s nine handmaidens? Jack said the Valkyries and Paul agreed that was the right answer. Pedro who was our scribe miss heard him and wrote down pot potpourri – we all had a good laugh on that one.

It was nice seeing LA and meeting her husband – Colin and Laura also dropped by for a bit. Sadly it was adios to Sweet Jane and Bruce – they left on the 11am tropic air flight.

Reminder trivia night is back at Roadkill bar next week 7:15pm.

Belize Weather

Rainy San Pedro Morning

Pedro's Pizza

A packed trivia night at Pedro's

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Helda and Forrest

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Trivia night at Pedro's Pizza

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro and Paul checking correct answers

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Trivia night at Pedro's Pizza

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Shout out to Robbie from future wife and friends

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Team Grumpy taco Escape won the pot

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Chatting after trivia


  1. We leave for san pedro Saturday how’s the weather down there for next week, the weather channel shows rain every day?

  2. Hi Cathy check http://www.ambergrisdaily.com for daily San Pedro weather. Which channel are you watching?

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