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Minor repairs

The M key on my computer was behaving badly since yesterday. I did not want to try and pop it off in case it broke so I got out my tools and used a very thin crochet hook [used to be my dads and maybe his mom’s] to lift the button and then used a small flat paint brush to sweep it out. I did not see any major bits come loose what ever it was that was causing the problem is now fixed and my M key is back to it’s normal functioning ways.

Light rain happening right now and growing steadily harder – it suits my mood today quiet and happy to be at home.

May come back later if the mood strikes .

Ok this was exciting enough to come back for [did not really leave been on email detail all day] 2:00pm Captain Morgans interview with Ernie and Joey just aired on CBS One Caribbean Weather right before Oprah Winfrey.

More excitement… Belize Videos are starting to go up on One Caribbean Weather and I have seen segments for Captain Morgans Retreat and The Phoenix.

3:29 Derrick is on tv again yay. He is talking about his plans to go to Berklee and pursuing a career in music.
3:36 They are Showing Derricks Interview again how cool is that we still get to see him while he is away. Every time a new clip airs I call Paul and he comes out of his office to watch it with me.
4:02 pm interview with Joey Stevens and Elito Arceo on lobster fishing. Paul was excited when they went to a shot of Rob the cameraman lobster fishing – he was the one with camera in hand.

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