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Medical Safety Update and Kelly McGuire

Was up at 5:00am getting ready for the first aid course today. Between packing my kit,  answering emails, sending out lat minute updates, doing laundry, blogging and texting Leisa my  hands were full. I will be so glad to come home and fall into a nice clean bed later on, likely after a a celebration drink on the way home. It is going to be a great day.

I am super excited about the sponsorship part of the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program and how well received it has been,  I could not have dreamed it any better. All those days I spent walking up and down the island with my music player imagining how the story would write itself and putting it out there that the right people line up.

Yesterday I made it to the bridge and back contemplating the program and what was needed before today’s course.I had to get Our New president, Eiden a Red Cross shirt and update on all the business that are pledging to make San Pedro Safe so he could have them  for the morning show. The other top things on my list were – getting an answer from Lydia or Linda at Holy Cross in regards to the El Divno Sponsorhip, finding an organized office co-coordinator and dynamic first aid instructors.

On my way home I saw the razor parked at Banana Beach so I stopped to visit Cowboy Doug and Leisa, we chatted for a bit over an Arnold Palmer while they finished lunch. I told her that I would give Mr Ack from the post office his lunch money as the post office approved to accept their 2 sponsorships, she gave me Josh’s and then my time was up.

I was off to check in on laptop, meet up with Dick, do Caye bank, a parcel pick up at the post office and my Red Cross Errands. On my first check in I got an email from Lydia giving me the Principal Grace’s cell number to line someone up.  I could not get an answer and wrote back asking if she or her husband would be willing to do training – unfortunately they were both busy.

I could relate I was busy too Dick had showed up and we were ready to start crossing stuff off our lists.By the time we finished  everything and I made it back home, I found an email from Linda saying Nurse Heather was coming to the Rescue and would find us an ideal Candidate – Boy did she ever 🙂

Some of you may remember Nurse Heather, past Holy Cross posts. She comes from from Yellowknife, is a repeat volunteer and this time she is working with the Ministry of health. While we are doing our training her group will be taking part in a clean up campaign of San Pedrito. She has always been community minded on her trips to San Pedro and specifically working with Holy Cross and the San Mateo Residents.

Here is her delightful email that was also waiting in my inbox:

This is Nurse Heather here, friend of Francis’s.
We met a few years ago. I am here on the island volunteering with the Ministry of Health, helping with their community health workers. Linda at Holy Cross passed me your email regarding first aid training tomorrow. I have one of the community health workers coming, she lives in San Mateo, Maggie Chi. I hope the sponsor ship included lunch for her. Thanks so much for the opportunity for Maggie to learn first aid. the community health workers are volunteers in their communities and would likely be involved in first response in their communities.
Regards, Heather Leslie

I wrote back that I remembered her, that I was all to glad to sponsor lunch and would they be willing to start a list of anyone in that area that should receive training. Nurse Heather wrote me back saying there is a community health worker in San Juan and two in DFC and she is going to ask Maggie Chi, help us identify all of them so they can get first aid  training too.  WOO HOO 🙂 🙂 🙂 These are just the kind of people that want to have as ongoing members of the sponsorship program. Come on everyone Pay it forward and get someone certified.

Shout out to Andrew and Ricardo  for sponsoring  a space from El Divino because they could not send staff and for choosing a prime area of Ambergris Caye that would benefit from having certified first Aid trainers.

Thank you All for doing your part to Make San Pedro Safe and joining/supporting the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety Program 🙂 You have made a very happy tacogirl, so did my crank flashlights from China and new hula hoop that arrived from South Korea yesterday – worldwide shopper thanks to ebay 🙂

el divino restaurant at banana beach resort belize
Maggi Chi Community worker in San Mateo is getting sponsored today for certified first aid training by El Divino.
Yay Team.
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If you are looking for something fun to do tonight and up for supporting a very worthwhile cause cause then check  out Kelly McGuire ‘Singing for Saga’ concert at Fido’s Restaurant an Bar.

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Kelly McGuire ‘Singing for SAGA’ live at Fido’s and restaurant and bar.

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