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Morning Adventure

I had a fun morning adventure with Tim and Dick today – it was also first boat pick up at the new house. Dick had to go to the Belize Port Authority to renew his boat sticker for the Miss Carole – Tim and I went along for the ride. The new BPA location is in a wood building down by the down barge dock. We drove there to try and renew it the other day but they said they needed him to come back with the boat. Cost to renew sticker for one year was $50 bzd.


  1. Heard Cashew wine can be very strong.

  2. I think it was in their season 1 (they have 4 as of right now). Not sure on the year…I’d guess and say 08. He went crazy for the Cashew Wine and even tried some viper rum. Scary stuff!

  3. Thanks Ryan. I have heard of the show but have not seen it yet. Any idea of when the episode you saw was filmed?

  4. Great photos as always. Love following the island adventures!

    Hey quick question… I watched a TV show the other night and it was called Three Sheets. It’s about a guy who travels around and drinks with locals and learns the drinking customs. He did a show on Ambergris. You didn’t happen to be in the episode or see the craziness did you? Just curious.


  5. We are liking new digs too Tim. Smoothie maker was a great steal at the gift game this Christmas.

  6. Same to you Debra – glad you liked the pics.

  7. Nice pics, love a boat ride. Hope you and Paul have a Happy New Years.

  8. Had a great time,nothing like a boat ride. I love your new diggs, thanks for the breakfast smoothie .
    50 dollars (Belize) is a DEAL for registration.

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