San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Belize Please Photo Contest Winners

Shout out to everyone that entered my Belize Please photo contest for 2009. It was a big success. I would also like to thank my judges Maya, Ruth and Beth, as well as the local businesses who donated prizes… Pedro’s Pizza, Tropic Air, Lime Bar & Grill, San Pedro Fitness Club, CG Aesthetic, Hungry Monkey Sub Shop, San Pedro Sun, Sweet Basil, Tropic Air, Artistic Skin Designs, QuickSilver Messenger, Hummingbird Cafe, Pirate’s Pizza, and Ambergris Today.

Just as I thought – the judges had a tough choice on their hands, and it took a while to sort through all 50 contestants. We had nachos with salsa and Collette’s fabulous homemade hummus for brain food. There were 3 laptops set up so each judge could view at their own pace and pick out their favorites. After that they compared lists and hashed it out to see which ones they all agreed on.

After judging was done, we all had a hunger going and chowed down on crock pot ribs and veggies, along with Beth’s yummy pasta salad and Ruth’s divine chocolate fudge brownies for dessert. We then retreated to the veranda to hang out.

Power went out for a few minutes just now – luckily Barnacle Bills blog was open so I had something to read while waiting. Internet has been mucky since yesterday afternoon, and it looks like that has carried over to today. As soon as we catch a good signal I will post this even if it’s in a slightly unfinished state.

A short note to all winning contestants, congratulations! I will be emailing you all hopefully sometime today if our net comes back to let you know what prize you have won.

Reminder that the Lonely Planet Travel Blog awards voting ends Friday, March 20th at 12 PM Pacific time, so please cast your vote for tacogirl for ‘Best Image Blog’ if you like what you see.

People 1st place, Michele Kinon – Life’s a Beach

People 2nd place, Barnacle Bill – As The Coconuts Drop

Animal 1st place, Barnacle Bill – Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows

Animal 2nd place, Ron Willis – Westshore Divers

Nature 1st place, KC Jayhawk

Nature 2nd place , Adriane

Creative 1st place – Mark W.

Action 1st place, Dorian Nunez – Ambergris Today

6 thoughts on “Belize Please Photo Contest Winners

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Teresa – fairly big expat community – come for a visit anytime if you liked what you saw in one day I am sure you would enjoy seeing the island and more of the mainland.

    I agree Gail – yes judges had a hard task but were a huge help in deciding.

    Thanks Mikeywaz was my pleasure. Thanks to my judges and everyone who donated a prize – entered or just followed the contest and gave feedback – has been a lot of fun.

    Statia Girl thanks for your feedback and your vote. I am so glad I made good choice for judges as they really did have their work cut out for them.

    Michele – congrats on winning that is definitly a great shot. I was thinking annual will see what happens next year – definitly keep it in mind when you are snapping away folks.

  2. Michele in Playa says:

    Woohoo!! Thanks for choosing one o my favorite photos!! Judging from this lot, you all had your work cut out for you. Fun contest Laurie. I hope it’s an annual thing!!

  3. Statia Girl says:

    wow – amazing photos – would not have wanted to be one of the judges – tough choices. Looks like life in Ambergris is truly a magical existence
    looking forward to seeing more photos. Posted my vote for tacogirlblog last night.

    Good luck on winning – you truly deserve to.

  4. Mikeywaz says:

    Great pictures! Congrats to the winners and the judges. Thanks for putting on this contest, TG!

  5. Gail says:

    WONDERFUL pictures. Yes, I can see the judges would have had a hard task but obviously they were up to it.
    Look forward to seeing more of the submissions.
    Thanks for inspiring all of us.
    Gail 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    those pictures are all great but the hummingbird one is amazing!

    is there a big expat community there? the only time i’ve been to belize was on a cruise. our port of call was belize city. we went on a bus and took the underwater cave tour. it was a lot of fun! wish we’d had more time to check other areas so we’ll definitely have to go back someday.


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