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Becoming a bow and arrow

Zac was pleased when I told him how we had made the cross training connection and started using pelvic tilt in the swimming pool.

My body was heavy today at class and I was not really feeling it but decided I would just enjoy time at the beach and chill out no matter what my movement was like. I was glad I did because twice I experienced the feeling of energy as my hands cut through the air. I can only describe the feeling as the air being thick yet soft like clouds.

Zac taught us a cool new move where our hands and arms became the bow and arrow – it was quite intense. I liked watching him do it slightly faster and with lower body movement as well.

Today is Cindy’s real birthday and we are celebrating Mitch who needed a birthday top up. We are enjoying the afternoon with a big pool party and feast.

Here are my top 5 pics of the party – the string of stories attached to them for all of us here right now is endless.

BBQ by the pool

pool side

Water front

Sunset  on the lagoon

San Pedro sunset

2 thoughts on “Becoming a bow and arrow

  1. Carbunkletrumpet says:

    What in the world is going on down there? First there is flashing planes and now we got a full pelvic tilt going on in the pool.

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