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Below you will find updates on a couple of important annual events sent in by Dianne Campbell and Michele Kinnon. Liberty Children’s Home fundraiser, this Sunday. Always a great time and who doesn’t love eating Walter’s tasty bbq for a great cause. Across the border and we have Taste of Playa a socially responsible culinary event that takes place every November in Playa Del Carmen. The perfect event for those who travel Mexico Belize to enjoy some tropical sightseeing along the way or save a few dollars.

Today’s pictures are of Frigate birds which are a common sight on the Caribbean Sea. You can often see these forked tail prehistoric-looking birds gliding effortlessly through the air. If they are hovering and swooping at the end of a dock, there is a good chance you will find a fisherman cleaning his catch.

Frigate Facts:
– Large Sea birds found over tropical waters

– A combination of lightweight, large wings and forked tail allow for frigate birds to ride the wind currents effortlessly for long periods of time.

– The bird’s forked tail works like a rudder and helps them do aerial acrobatics.

– Frigates can’t swim so they snatch their seafood snack from the water’s surface or plunder their meal from another seabird.

–  Frigate birds rarely land but spend most of their time gliding in the ocean breeze.

belize wildlife
Frigate birds
Frigate bird belize wildlife pictures
Solo flight

Where ????

PEDRO’S INN / San Pedro !!!!!!


BAR-B-Q – Walter’s Famous, Mouth-Watering Chicken on the Grill!
LIVE MUSIC – several great musicians and singers
SILENT AUCTION – great prizes
FAMILY FUN – meet the neighbors, play with the kids, jump rope – enjoy!
HULA-HOOP CONTEST – get your hips moving or just applaud the kids as they show us how it’s done.
FULL BAR with friendly servers!
PRIZE DRAWING – EVERY Ticket gets a chance to win prizes in the Lucky Drawing held at the end of the day.

Tickets for the Bar-B-Q are available at Belize Bank, Pedro’s Inn, Island Academy or may be purchased at the event.
Tell your friends – come to the PARTY!

Proceeds are for the benefit Liberty Children’s Home!

What your money will go towards ….
New mattresses are desperately needed for all the children – we aim to buy 25 mattresses and to repair or replace broken beds.

The Liberty school bus broke down completely – a donated bus in available if we can pay to cost of bringing it to Belize from the US. A small bonus to the staff of caregivers who work so hard each day for so little pay.
Bringing the children of Liberty to San Pedro for this exciting day of festivities.

Silent Auction will feature wonderful prizes including gourmet dinners, overnight stays in some of Belize’s fines resorts (in AC, Cayo, Placencia, Maya Beach, Dangriga, Belize City), eco-tours, and a variety of fantastic goods and services from local businesses.

Liberty Children’s Home

Sponsored by Island Academy & Pedro’s Inn, with special thanks to Belize Bank, San Pedro.

belize orphanage
Liberty Children’s Home

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico – May 14th, 2012 -Taste of Playa, 2012 is proud to announce its fourth annual culinary event for Sunday, November 18, 2012.  Taste of Playa, a premier international event, will be held at Parque Fundadores, between “La Quinta Avenida” and the beach in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Taste of Playa offers locals and visitors a unique opportunity to explore a wide variety of contemporary and traditional Mexican cuisine samples, created within the region.  Distinctive restaurants from Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya will prepare and present their gastronomic tastes.

“We are thrilled to have the support and commitment from many of our 2011 participants and corporate sponsors.” – Stated Tracy Redwood, This year’s marketing committee Co-Chair.

“Diamonds International is very proud to have been the ‘Title Sponsor for Taste of Playa 2011’- the event was truly amazing! The organization was excellent, the weather perfect and the food was the best – It was a great opportunity for Diamonds International and we look forward to Taste of Playa 2012” Said Lilia Gordian, Marketing Manager of Diamonds International.

Originally launched in 2009, Taste of Playa has gone from 25 restaurants and beverage providers to over 40. Taste of Playa’s increasing popularity is expected to draw over 7,500 visitors in 2012.

Taste of Playa is organized by a committee consisting of eight (8) local business owners in Playa del Carmen.  The committee’s goal for Taste of Playa is to help develop and sustain community programs that will have a positive effect on the residents of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Taste of Playa is a community-oriented culinary event that is open to the public and relies on partners and sponsors for financial support.  Online sales of Taste of Playa ‘pesos’ and VIP passes start on July the 15th through the event website; and Taste of Playa ‘pesos’ can be purchased on the day of the event, which runs from 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM. For more information, please visit:

Taste of Playa website
Taste of Playa facebook page
Taste of Playa twitter

taste of playa mexco
Taste of Playa 2012

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