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Belize Mexico Boxing


Without a doubt the Harmouch fight made the night and had fans cheering – storming the ring and dancing at  last night’s Belize Boxing Federation sponsored event held at Angel Nunez Auditorium. Organizers did a great job – giving all of us a very entertaining evening.

The stands and VIP tables were packed – around 1200 boxing fans and people watchers turned up to see last nights   match – six of Belize’s premier boxers fought against six boxers from Mexico. Early evening Mexico was holding a 3 to 1 lead till  Harmouch turned things around for Belize in fight 5 wining with a  split decision in his favour.

Thanks goes out to all the sponsors who made the Friday night Belize boxing event possible.


  1. al salter June 19, 2011

    Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
    Don’t look like Ali and Foreman to me

  2. Maureen June 19, 2011

    I even agree it was a fun night and I’m not into boxing at all! It was great to see how much the community supports their boxers! I was chatting with Daniel, our guide from Suya on our Beach BBQ yesterday who also attended the event, he thinks the island needs more events like this, I couldn’t agree more. It was great to see how many people were there!

  3. tacogirl June 18, 2011

    lol CT

  4. tacogirl June 18, 2011

    I agree super fun event

  5. tacogirl June 18, 2011

    He would have Ruthie – hopefully they will do more.

  6. Carbunkle Trumpet June 18, 2011

    Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Did anyone go as Don King?

  7. cindy June 18, 2011

    And the crowd goes WIIIIIIIIIILD. That was a super fun night.

  8. chunkyruth June 18, 2011

    Oh my gosh, Chunky would have LOVED this! Hopefully, they will do it again during the winter!


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