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Belize Mexico Boxing

Without a doubt the Harmouch fight made the night and had fans cheering – storming the ring and dancing at  last night’s Belize Boxing Federation sponsored event held at Angel Nunez Auditorium. Organizers did a great job – giving all of us a very entertaining evening.

The stands and VIP tables were packed – around 1200 boxing fans and people watchers turned up to see last nights   match – six of Belize’s premier boxers fought against six boxers from Mexico. Early evening Mexico was holding a 3 to 1 lead till  Harmouch turned things around for Belize in fight 5 wining with a  split decision in his favour.

Thanks goes out to all the sponsors who made the Friday night Belize boxing event possible.


  1. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
    Don’t look like Ali and Foreman to me

  2. I even agree it was a fun night and I’m not into boxing at all! It was great to see how much the community supports their boxers! I was chatting with Daniel, our guide from Suya on our Beach BBQ yesterday who also attended the event, he thinks the island needs more events like this, I couldn’t agree more. It was great to see how many people were there!

  3. I agree super fun event

  4. He would have Ruthie – hopefully they will do more.

  5. Carbunkle Trumpet

    Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Did anyone go as Don King?

  6. And the crowd goes WIIIIIIIIIILD. That was a super fun night.

  7. Oh my gosh, Chunky would have LOVED this! Hopefully, they will do it again during the winter!

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