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Calling all Doctors – Belize Medical

There are a couple things I have been  meaning to post about and just not found the time – so today is the day. First off – Lady Dixie gave me permission to post about some medical fundraising she had been working on. As I read through the emails I got to thinking instead of editing them [as I told her I would probably do] I will just copy and paste for all of you to read as the story is interesting. If anyone can help for donations in the Medical area please leave comment.

Dear Friends,

Dr. Francis Robicsek is an amazing human being. He has saved the lives of many people in our region both adults and children alike. One person that some of you will know is Vicky Showler. She was diagnosed with an aneurism in 1987.

Barry and I met Francis through the then editor of National Geographic while in Guatemala. I told him of her dilemma and he said “send her to me”: that after knowing Barry and me for an hour. He performed surgery on her a few weeks later, a surgery that saved her life. Some years later she was diagnosed with another aneurism and because he longer did surgery, he sent her to a friend in Texas for the second operation. Vicky lives a healthy life today.

Dr. Robiscek arrived an hour before the tragedy in February. He and Barry were to have discussed this unit along with some other hospital equipment that the Carolina Heart Institute wanted to donate to Belize. This would have been a project Barry would have delighted in helping Dr. Robicsek and the country of Belize with. So I would like to ask each and every one of you to assist me in helping him raise this money for the Cardiovascular Mobile Unit. As he says; it could save one of our lives.

Thank you dear friends,


Michael’s reply….

Hi Dixie,

Dr. Robicsek has been a good friend to you and Dad for many years.  Furthermore, he has always extended himself to help others.  And, as you point out, this is something Dad would have wanted.  Therefore, Bowen & Bowen, Ltd. makes the pledge to cover the shipping costs of up to US$10K.

Please let Dr. Robicsek know so the arrangements can commence to have the Cardiovascular Mobile Diagnostic Unit shipped to Belize.

All the best,

Dixie’s reply to me….

Hi Laurie,

The amount of 10K has just been donated by my son, Michael on behalf of Bowen and Bowen. I am still taking any donations for future expenses i.e. the running of the machine or perhaps training of personnel.

I would be delighted with any sum of money, it all adds up.

Thanks again,

Bowen and Bowen Belize

Second is thing is in regards to the poly clinic. [Ambergris daily courtesy of Amanda Syme who is actively involved with the project]

San Pedro Poly Clinic is in need of urgent roof repairs. After a structural evaluation from the engineer it has been determined that no additional structural weight can be borne by the existing posts and beams so a recommendation of treating the roof with a combination of a snow roof type material and fiberglass with epoxy system is the best method to use at this time.

The estimated cost of this procedure, including materials, labor, supervision etc – including an emergency buffer was $40,000 BZ. The government Ministry of Health is able to commit 20% of this amount – $8,000 Bz. Therefore the goal has been to raise the additional $32,000.00. Benny’s Home Center has given us an absolutely amazing discount which has brought the cost of material down by 25%.

The Friends of San Pedro has pledged over $1,000 to date. The Sunbreeze Hotel and Sunbreeze Suites have made a cash donation. Pedro’s Inn, Caribbean Villas Resort and Maya Rental House have all pledged a place for the supervisor to stay. These great offers, donations and pledges have brought us closer to our goal but we still need to raise over $25,000 Bz.

Mukul and Kelly Kanabar of Blue Water Grill, Caliente and Red Ginger restaurants have generously offered to assist in the fund raising efforts by making the following pledge: They will MATCH every dollar that local businesses, groups and individuals donate towards this fund. This is an incredible offer and I truly hope that with this additional show of support and assistance that everybody that can will be willing to make donations to this fund.

The San Pedro Business Association is collecting all monies and if the goal is not attained all funds will be returned. The donations can be made by emailing the San Pedro Business Association at:

No pledge is too small and with Mukul and Kelly’s offer to match donations whatever you can afford will be doubled!

Please help us repair and maintain the poly clinic. This is a crucial element of our emergency response ability in this town. The clinic currently operated 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday with a doctor on call 24/7 for emergencies during the hours that the clinic is closed.

In addition to emergencies the Poly Clinic offers pre and ante natal services, baby clinics (including vaccinations). Specialists for eyes, bones, diabetes, dental care and many other ailments, diseases and sicknesses are host clinics when possible. And everyday care for coughs, colds, blood pressure management etc are available at the clinic. This is free of charge and donations are encouraged in the form of $5 Belize dollars if the patient is able to make a payment.

The San Pedro Poly Clinic is owned and operated by a coalition made up of the San Pedro Lions Club, The San Pedro Town Council and the Government of Belize. Even with these strong entities managing the clinic shortfalls of financial needs are constant and the public is asked to assist with raising/donating the short fall.

One of the folks that responded to my initial request for help has suggested starting up a “Friends of the Poly Clinic” fund in which people could make a monthly or annual financial pledge which could be used to purchase necessary equipment or supplies. I think this is a great idea.

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