Is it worth it? Yes.

by tacogirl
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We buy box milk here – it tends to last longer and it makes sense for hurricane supplies as well. Box milk at the store around the corner Lala Brand $3.25 Rainbow brand $4.45 we cannot really tell any difference in taste. The benefit to buying Rainbow brand is that they have 2 holes in their spout area so it makes it easy when doing that first pour not to spill. While sometimes  I reach for the cheaper option – I know it is worth it to spend a little extra for better quality.

I posted it on Linked In and Facebook – catching up on blogging this exciting opportunity…

Filming Locations are currently being selected for Belize Lifestyles – an upcoming new TV Series. If your real estate property, resort or tourist attraction is unique and you are interested in having it featured on the show – please email to schedule a meeting.

Belize Lifestyles TV

Belize Hotel Association does a great job of getting Belize out there at travel and tourism trade shows.  BHA recently attended the 2010 Travel Mart Latin America trade show [TMLA] in Lima, Peru, which is the most important event of the year for Latin America Tourism. The three day event (September 22, 23 & 24) was attended by 361 buyers and 641 Suppliers. You can find pictures on the the Belize Hotel Association facebook page.

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Gwen army September 30, 2010 - 2:56 pm

Back to the milk! As a person that cooks, and 12 years visiting in Belize and 2 plus living here, it’s great to know what works. First of all, those that just drink the milk, 1 percent is fine. But, if you want to cook you need at least 2 percent…the milk fat is what makes sauces sauce, cakes cake, and soups become soup. Beware of Zymile( or something like that) lactose reduced miilk. It tastes chalky, when you drink it or cook. It’s great to have preserved milk because you can stock up when you find what you need, because of the long shelf life. But, it sucks if you need to cook and 2 percent isn’t available…and that is often. So, cooks…get Rainbow, or Lala whenever you find 2 percent! And get lots! Because it disappears from the shelves fast. Somehow, I think somewhere in Belize, they think they are keeping you healthy if you only have 1 percent milk… It’s some politician that knows nothing about cooking.

tacogirl September 30, 2010 - 4:11 pm

Thanks for the point of view from a cook Gwen – I did not really think about the 1% vs 2%. We used to buy 2% back in Canada but after 4.5 years here I just got used to 1% and never gave it a second thought.

Lynda September 30, 2010 - 1:20 pm

Great news about promoting Belize as the economy can benefit from the tourism!

There are as you know other Belize Lifestyles- the everyday lives of the Belizean people. I’m thinking of the great things being done by Holy Cross School, some of the NGO’s, some of the Youth Sports programs, Cycling groups, Chess Clubs and Rotary Projects to name a few. Could Belize Lifestyles add some of these to their filming?

If people are thinking of moving to Belize they may want to contribute in some way. Even visitors if aware of options often want to help. You no doubt have also heard of voluntourism. Belize Tourism should try to give a full picture of the options.

tacogirl September 30, 2010 - 1:41 pm

I agree Lynda there are a lot of ways to define Belize Lifestyles and we will do our best to include a wide range of information on what Belize is about.

I recently wrote post on voluntourism when our friends from were here vacationing at Exotic Caye and furthering their ongoing volunteer efforts at Holy Cross and San Mateo –

Loving the Bike September 29, 2010 - 10:07 pm

Nothing wrong with box milk at all….especially when you’re living in Belize and regular milk is hard to come by and expensive.

From what I know about the BHA, I agree….they seem to have things together quite well.


tacogirl September 29, 2010 - 10:29 pm

True Darryl funny how sometimes it takes moving to a new country and some things being noticeably more available than they were in your old country to get you to try them. Yes BHA is definitely putting themselves and Belize out there in the travel trade show market for their members. Here is post from there 2010 AGM


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