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Belize Is My Country and La Isla Bonita is my home

It is a gorgeous hot sunny San Pedro Day and I am heading downstairs for some quality pool time. After all it is Sunday fun day and there is noting more fun that relaxing pool side in the tropics on a hot sunny day 🙂 Reminder to everyone that the Island Academy barbecue fundraiser at Wayo’s beach bar and  beernet on the beach in Boca Del Rio is starting at 11:30 this am.

Award winning Belizean Poet Freddy Manny Nuñez

Belize Is My Country

Belize is my country

My beautiful nation where I live
Belize my nation along the blue waters
Of the Caribbean sea

Oh beautiful is the black orchid flower of Belize
My biggest treasure is the mahogany tree
Oh my beautiful country is Belize

Dis da mi place weh I wahn be
Oh Belize has different languages
Oh we can say Belize da fu we

We came from slavery but now we are free
Oh land by the Carib sea oh yes we are free

Oh my red white and blue flag
You are the flag that I love to see

Belize is our nation it means everything to we
We are the people of Belize

The most beautiful country you ever see
We are the people of Belize
Oh yes this land da fu we

Belize with different cultures in six districts
But eena God all ah we believe

The black and yellow bird is the national
Toucan bird of Belize

The largest reef, of the Caribbean Sea
Is by Ambergris Caye
La Isla Bonita is the place to be

This is Belize my country where I live

La Isla Bonita, San Pedro Belize
La Isla Bonita aerial

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