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Belize Internet – Part 5

Dead Sea MudWe are so close now – in fact our high speed is probably up and running but I will not know till we get home. Julian texted Paul at 7 am saying he could come with the new router/modem anytime so we said right now or this afternoon.

Luckily Right now really did mean right now and Julian came to hook us up fast. Unfortunately someone was supposed to flip a switch or something somewhere and they forgot so Julian said that as soon as they got to work they would likely do so and we would be up and running. We have to call him back to do a speed test when we get home but that is minor.

Carole Mitch tq Paul and I are all up at Las Terazzas. We met up with Zac ans Silvana for breakfast at O. Zac just finished his manicure and Shannon is up for a body scrub now then I am getting a body wrap. Mitch and Paul still hanging at O for a bit.

2 thoughts on “Belize Internet – Part 5

  1. slonoma says:

    Man as soon as BTL stops contracting agents to do DSL installs the customer would get their connects days earlier!

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