San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Belize Internet Part 4

5 days and still counting down till our internet is fixed – I can’t wait. Paul just got a call Julien saying he would be here this afternoon and that he would have been here sooner if it were not for the mix up – which Paul thinks is cause he called Marsiella (sp?) yesterday. Going to  aquafit with Mitch this morning – should be a good class I know lots of people are coming for a picture day.

Will leave you with a pic of yesterdays class and running errands with Dick.

Stay tuned for more.

Dinner at Legends with Mitch Shannon Paul Joe and Jen. Thanks to Joe we got to sample deep friend Oreos what a treat. Poped by Dave and Gewns party after then Paul and I headed home while Shannon and Mitch went back to town.


Aquafit class

Mitch and Cindy

Lara and Dick

Ambergris Daily gang taking a ride in town

Saving 10% with my hotcard for groceries at Ritchies

6 thoughts on “Belize Internet Part 4

  1. kelly says:

    Great pictures from the aquafit class. Loved the class and meeting Madam and you. I am checking out your website and love it. Good Job. I am back in Canada now for Christmas but will return to San Pedro (and the aquafit class) in February or March. Merry Christmas!

  2. Remo says:

    I heard the regular taxi drivers are up in arms against the new bicycle taxis.

    You heard anything about that tacogirl?

  3. Ruthie says:

    Hey, what was that little green cart dealie? Were they being pulled by a bike? Also, we should soooo be in those pool shots!

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