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Change is in the Air

Not to long ago I got an email from someone we almost rented upstairs of a house from 2 years ago  saying the upstairs was coming open again and would we consider moving in.  Shortly after that our current building went up for auction and all signs pointed to it being time to move – the move also makes sense because Cindy will be our downstairs neighbor.

New place has 2 bedrooms – a pool in the backyard and boat dock – all good things to have. Another great thing is that Heraldo is giving the whole place a fresh coat of paint before we move in.

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  1. Hi Steve check out this post for rental to get a good idea of a rental property what is included and the price and actually it just came up for rent again http://tacogirl.com/2010/11/belize-rental/ The Street Scene is in San Pedro heading towards town. There are a few rental agencies here.

  2. Would it be possible to find out the cost of this or simiar rental. Are there similar properties that would be suitable for a single male considering a move to Belize? Is the street scene in San Pedro? Is it indicative of the surrounding area? Are there any contacts I could communicate with for further. Thanks so much!

  3. Very and exciting. So true Becky – I unloaded a lot at the last swap.

  4. We are starting to forget what you look like Cindy bet it is a much paler version than when you left.

  5. We are lucky in that respect Debra as we have 2 mechanically minded friends with boats.

  6. Thanks Francis – Heraldo is doing a great job painting.

  7. New and exciting home. That is always fun and a great way to clean out the un-necessaries. 🙂

  8. what? you’re moving in upstairs? I’ll have to start househunting lol! I miss you guys! see you soon

  9. The new place sounds nice..now you just need a boat.

  10. You picked out great colours too!!

  11. Have fun packing and moving! Not my favourite thing to do….

  12. Carbunkle Trumpet

    Woo Hoo The Taco’s moving closer to Coral Villas and the Trumpets have a place to hang their speedo!

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