San Pedro Belize

3 Water Shots From 3 Different Places

Got some work and housecleaning done this morning and now I am waiting for Dick to come by as he offered me to ride around town with him on an errand run so I could take pictures. Stopped at Tech Transylvania to pick up ink refill and the Baker for a $5 sandwich – Dick was surprised how good they were. Did not stay out to long as Carole needed the cart to go to a Beauty presentation.

Back to desk work this aft – my web guy [aka tacoboy]agreed that tacogirl Specials page could be better organized so you will notice a few small changes regarding specials page. We have grouped specials by categories [listed near the top of the page]. You can easily use tacogirl Specials to custom make your Belize vacation discount package and save  money before you arrive – just click on any category and go right to that section or scroll down the list at your leisure.  [please note a few businesses like Legends & Lola’s are closed for the slow season I will update those soon].
Transportation | Accommodation | Activities | Food, Drink & Shopping | Off Island

San Pedro CPR Training- July 19, 2010 | Ambergris Daily

While tacoboy was working on that I was organizing my reg stock photo’s and picked a couple for today’s post.

3 water shots from 3 different places on Ambergris Caye

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize


6 thoughts on “3 Water Shots From 3 Different Places

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Amy simple answer to my watermark is tacoboy ha ha. I googled making a water mark and that was no help [unless you have adobe photo-shop] so my advice is to find someone who knows about such things and ask them to help you make one and show you how to use it. Which one did you pick for your wall paper? Paul is using the bike. I watermarked those hoping they may end up on peoples home or work computers and be seen.

  2. Amy says:

    Nice pics TG……love it. Hey by the way I looked at the “Belize pics” on your page. Very nice. I use one I took as my wallpaper now. How do you get your name imposed on the pics……i’m sure it’s simple I just don’t know how…..I know conch creative has it on theirs too….would love to safeguard mine as well.

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