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Belize City Pictures

As promised here is third  batch of pictures from our Belize City vacation – Belize City shopping still come. These ones cover the Princess Hotel and Casino as well as some things I saw while walking around town when I took break from blogging the freeroll poker tournament.

I wanted to find a shop so I could get some water and a snack for later. The woman at the desk said that there were no stores open as it everything in Belize City was closed for Independence day celebrations. Since I do not mind walking I was pretty sure I could one somewhere close by.

I followed the water for a bit then went off to a side street and found Kum Hua Shop was open –  scored a couple of bottles of water and some m&m’s.  I continued on my walk as far as the swing bridge then looped back around to the Princess – thanks to a nice family who confirmed I was heading in the right direction. Still need to get a better handle on Belize City streets. I wish I knew where my friend Mark was he had always planned to walk the city with me.

While there I also had to run an important errand and pick up a package from Taca Warehouse on Central America Blvd. We caught a cab from the resort and got  Solomon Mangar taxi service  635-2127. He was great, knew exactly where we wanted to go and he  got out and opened my door every time I had to go to a different Taca building and get back in the cab. He charged us $28 BZD to go from our resort to Taca [about 3 miles], wait  while I got the paperwork, drove to a near by building  so I could pay for customs, drove back the warehouse to get my package and dropped us off downtown.

We caught a second Cab that took us from the Bliss Center to Municipal Airport for $10 BZD Blayne Coleman taxi and tour service. 601-7318. [same price we paid from Municipal to our resort which is about a mile]

10 thoughts on “Belize City Pictures

  1. Jovany says:

    Belizeans themselves have a love/hate relationship with Belize City. Having lived in Belize City almost all my adult life (granted, I’m “only” 27), I have come to the conclusion that Belize City doesn’t deserve half the bad reputation it gets. Sure, it has the highest crime rate in Belize, but to be fair, Belize is still so small (in every sense of the word) that even petty crimes make headline news and coupled with sensationalism make it seem more dangerous than it actually may be. As long as you have your wits about you, don’t flaunt your valuables, walk in crowded areas, and avoid the deep Southside (especially at night) you should be okay.

    Belize City, for the most part, isn’t pretty but it has some nice neighborhoods, wonderful museums, nice places to eat and shop, colorful characters, and the rich history and culture cannot be easily matched. Belize City shouldn’t be overlooked because of what it isn’t, but appreciated for what it is. After all, this is arguably where the country started. Belize City has been through a lot, and arguably for the betterment of the rest of the country. (Sugar City [Orange Walk] is still better tho 😛 )

  2. Sharon Hiebing says:

    Oh, Al – you’re a lost cause. Hopefully most readers know you can’t hate something without having loved it first. Obviously Belize is still in your heart or you wouldn’t go out of your way to berate her so much.

    We’ll just agree to disagree on this one, my friend!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses

  3. al salter says:

    Sharon : There is a company called “War Zone” adventure tours. They offer trips to Mogadishu, Fallujah, and Tehran. Belize City is now on the list. Think about that. The real adventure in Belize is kayaking the Mopan river, not looking for a handbag on Regent St. You want to end up on the Belize Police Dept website? There is adventure in going to Chetumal. First always bring a Belizean buddy. Ask the customs dude if he needs anything. I have brought back diapers, deli meats , and a ham. Learn how to store groceries in the wheel well of an SUV. This is the adventure of life in Belize not room and board at Karl Heusner learning how to eat dinner through a straw:)

  4. Sharon Hiebing says:

    It’s official, Al – you’re going to hell! LOL!

    Seriously, unless you live in Corozal, I have no idea why you would want to make the drive/trip to Mexico, and then have to pay duties when you go over the shopping “limit”.

    Also, if I wanted Office Depot’s, Walmart’s, and Radio Shacks, I would have stayed in the States. Box stores and chains be damned – PLEASE don’t come to Belize. I have no problem with the adventure of shopping in Belize.

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses!

  5. al salter says:

    The Belize City shopper is beset on all sides by the wickedness and tyranny of evil men……..Ezekiel 25:17
    And so it came to pass that God heard the cries of his people for Walmart, Angus burgers, Office Depot, and Radio Shack, and he created a safe haven and it was called Chetumal and he saw that it was good….Genesis 7:15

  6. Sharon Hiebing says:

    I love Belize City – was just blogging about it the other day. There’s an energy there you can’t get anywhere else in Belize, as well as lots of goods, so shopping trips are a must from time to time.

    Everyone gets so hung up on the crime, but being from Oakland, CA, I feel safer there than in the ghetto back home. Plus you just stick to the areas you know you’ll be ok in during the day. People miss so much of what BC has to offer by ruling it out immediately due to ignorance or what they’ve heard.

    I will say, however, that due to the size of it, having a great taxi driver is priceless. I have mine on speed dial, and now I’m adding yours as a back up. Nice video too, Laurie!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses!

  7. al salter says:

    I have a lot of respect for a woman of the female gender who would wander Belize City (aka the armpit of Belize) without a Kevlar jacket, armed escort and an armoured car. Well done. But please spare us the pain of your shopping trip and I will make another SAGA donation:)

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