San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Double Celebration

This morning was funny our timeshare pets decided they wanted to have a snuggle fest. Molly had slept over cause Cindy was at work so late and when I opened the patio door Basil came charging in grabbed a quick bite to eat and jumped on the bed with us. Soppy pets.

Wind blowing strong – so strong it pulled the door out of my hand with a slam. The sky is a big gray blanket at just started to throw down heavy rain which lasted about 10 minutes or so and then the sky turned to a soft blue & white and the sun tried to come out a bit. Perfect weather for a lazy Saturday at home. I just made the last of my chili and lime popcorn from Mexico and going to settle in and watch movies – Phenomenon and Juno.

Lorie and Walters joint cake party tonight – Paul Mitch and I went to DandE’s for frozen custard and stopped by Pedro’s to catch some of the celebration on our way home. Luckily Jeff came back from taking Charlie and Molly to the beach and was willing to give is a ride back to the gypsy co-op.

Shout out to John and Carol who read yesterdays post and will be bringing band-aids to the poly clinic when they come next week. Please keep them coming folks – they can not have enough band-aids to help fix peoples boo boos.

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