Belize Bikini Models Wanted

Feeling old and creaky today – I have been trying to do a few pool stretches on land with use of a chair for balance. It is amazing how much further  I can stretch the pool versus  on land and how much lighter I feel while doing it. I am so glad for Maureen’s aquafit classes she really does help us feel better in so many ways. I will be getting some testimonials from the newer girls soon – Lorna Jo and Pat are all enjoying it a lot and have been coming back for more. For anyone out there who has a Bikini Body – Lemon Crush Belize Bikini Model Search – click image to enlarge for details.

Lemon Crush Belize Bikini Model Search

8 thoughts on “Belize Bikini Models Wanted

  1. tacogirl says:

    Sounds good we will see you Saturday – figure we can do a few drinks at Pedro’s them move on into town. You must be super excited by now.

  2. Laura says:

    My real day is Christmas Eve! so, I am celebrating early. We’ll still have a party…all week, all month, all next month.. When you havea Christmas birthday, you have to have at least a month to celebrate…only your best friends and your family remember! LOL I make sure that everyone knows that we drink champagne on Dec. 24. We’ll see you Saturday and start the party! See you at Pedro’s.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Very cool. What day is your actual birthday? For sure for Saturday evening. We still plan to meet up at Pedro’s for a few around 7ish then we can all head to town.

  4. Laura says:

    Drew and her husband found Ambergris Caye a few years ago. Bought a time share and now go every other year!. I turn 60 this year and my best friend, Drew and my little sister, Beth called me and said “…do you want a big a.. party? or do you want to go to Belize for your birthday?” No brainer…BELIZE won over a party, hands down.

    We’ll see you on Saturday evening at the Halloween festivities. We are so looking forward to your beautiful island. My golf course has been so busy since we reopened in September. It will probably take a day or two to NOT wake up at 4:00 a.m. to get ready for another tournament. Cannot wait to be there.

  5. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Bikini Model? Pick Me, Pick Me! Although LemonCrush hasn’t made any speedos (yet) but keep me posted if they need a carnie/chef for the photo shoots.
    Old and Creaky? You sure that Pedro didn’t grab your computer when you went to get an iced coffee? Have fun with the Memphis Girls (Curious to know how they found SP) as Shobo and I head to Destin Florida for Halloween and some much needed vacation. I will make sure I pee in the ocean in your general direction so it will be like I was down in SP.
    Maria is coming down from NYC as well.


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