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Belize Beef and Doing Morning Matters TV Show With Rhonda and Cowboy

A while back Cowboy Doug posted a facebook giveaway – Supercalafragilisticexpiealladotious (sp) …1st person to walk up and say that at the pool bar gets a free drink! ….1st person to bring a pool floatie that can support the weight of somebody body gets 2 free meals of their choice! WE need more floaties for the folks in the pool – tell them at the bar Cowboy Doug said this…

Saturday night we were out for dinner at El Divino and I asked Cowboy and Leisa if anyone had claimed the facebook prizes and no one had. So we stopped at Wings on our way to the Dorado rodeo and I got a super cool S curve pool float that holds 2 people and told them I would be coming to claim the barbecues. Supercalafragilisticexpiealladotious and a free drink is still up for grabs.

When I got to Sunday pool party, I met Rhonda Crichton who was there to see grill master Sir Andrew Smiling. We all enjoyed lunch together, the bone in rib-eye was fantastic. I see a lot on message boards where people say Belize beef is not so great and not to bother with it. Depending on where you are eating, this can be due to a lack of proper marinating and tenderizing.  Sir Andrew has top quality meat to begin with and the magic touch – his steak could easily pass a blindfold taste test  against a USDA cut.

We all chatted Rhonda for a while, she is a very funny girl, next thing you know she had Cowboy Doug and I scheduled to come in Monday Morning for her talk show, Morning Matters on Reef Radio and TV.I was convinced I would be ok to stand in the corner and snap a few pics while Cowboy was on TV but both he and Rhonda assured me that I would not get away with it and I was going to be on camera too.

Morning Matters show is a mix between what ever Rhonda’s guests are there to talk about, in our case it was Cowboy Doug’s Grill and Belize Red Cross and answering peoples questions. During the show people text in with their questions on any topic they want to talk about or get answers too. Monday happened to be mostly relationship questions which Rhonda was excellent at fielding and getting 2 cents from Cowboy and I.

For those of you who are in San Pedro Rhonda’s show airs from 8:00 – 9:00 am on ch 20. If you live outside of  our range, you can still watch the show.  Morning Matters broadcasts on Stickam. This will allow you to not only hear the show but view the show as well.  Visit Morning Matters show website for more details and don’t forget to join Morning Matters facebook page.

belize food
Great Belize beef at Cowboy Doug's pool bar and grill
ambergris restaurants
Belize Beef bone in rib-eye
belize foods
Grill master Sir Andrew Smiling of Smiling Meats Belize City
swimming in belize
My bbq winning S curve floaty was enjoyed by many Cowboy bought 4 more today
pools with swim up bars
Peace - enjoying Sunday island pool party at Cowboy Doug's pool bar and grill
Rhonda Crichton and Cowboy Doug  ambergris caye belize
Rhonda Crichton and Cowboy Doug
reef radio and tv belize
Rhonda Crichton, Cowboy Doug and I on Morning Matters tv show ch 20 Reef Radio and TV
belize food
Went to Estel's after Morning Matters
ambergris caye restaurants
Cowboy phone facebooking - Cowboy Doug's Grill page
san pedro belize restaurants
Eggs over, potatoes, bacon -1 slice and fry jacks with butter & Belize honey - YUM

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