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Living in Belize

Belize Beach Wedding


Thanks to Cindy  we were able to borrow one of Pedro’s carts this morning to Rudy could get to see more of the island – we managed a few new spots for Erin too.

Carole is at Caribbean Villas now doing a scalp massage and hair for Erin. Paul is returning the cart and I am alternating between getting ready – checking emails and blogging. Going to go see what Rudy is up to on coconut phone then we have to bust a move to the wedding. Lots of pics to come will add them in tomorrows post.

San Pedro Belize Weather – slight drizzle we are all hoping it clears by 3pm. We want a nice dry boat for our sunset cruise.


  1. Joanne January 26, 2011

    Oh ya …………….. and a happy birthday to you as well 😀 Many moe to come, hopefully next year I can join you on the beach to celebrate. Have some lobster for me xox

  2. Joanne January 26, 2011

    I wish I was there to celebrate your union with Rudy. I wish you many years of happiness together. May God watch over you both and always keep you safe in his arms. I love you Erin ………… have a wonderful day!


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