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Belize Beach Vacation Airfare Sale

Continental Airlines says… Don’t wait to book your Belize beach vacation or you may miss out on these low airfares. Escape to a beautiful sandy beach and let the waves wash your cares away. Surround yourself with glistening water where diving and snorkeling can be part of your daily routine. Plan your beach trip now. I agree with Continental and hopefully, they will continue to provide you with more ongoing cheap flights to Belize.

Pretty quiet at the taco shack this morning. Chatting with Patrick on Facebook and thinking I will see if Paul wants to go for a coffee date this morning.

The new water bill is in this month [I get email notifications from Belize Water Services]  was $46.05 which was $1.38 cheaper than last month – not a huge saving but at least the numbers went down not up. Our water pressure has been a bit low lately.

Hitched a ride into town with Dick and Carole and went to the baker for iced coffee and lunch. We had my favorite a $5 sandwich and went deluxe on dessert and tried a creampuff. I am such a sucker for whipped cream. I have to say Gunter’s puffs passed the test – they were extra creamy.  So much that even with Paul’s warning to squish it together before biting into it I still had cream oozing out the sides – not a bad issue to have haha. I also liked the fact that they were not overly sweet.

Tonight we ended up watching the Hooters pageant and playing the real or fake guessing game. It was pretty easy to spot those who had enhancements for the most part – left me wondering why more girls do not go for more realistic looking instead of obviously fake. tacoboy said he was wondering if any of the finalists were standing there thinking the boob job money was well spent.

The Baker

10 thoughts on “Belize Beach Vacation Airfare Sale

  1. tacogirl says:

    It is scrumptious Liz. That is a great deal you got on flight. No Kindle for now – not in budget but thanks for asking [and remembering] though.

    Nice to see you pop up Jim. Sandwich is as good as it looks. Hope you are doing well. passed along your hello to tacoboy. Thanks for the compliment on my site I have a great web guy – he just made it smart phone friendly today.

    How exciting Laura you are almost at double digits for your count down.

    Baker on front street Roger – how long you gone for?

  2. Liz Melton says:

    That bread looks scrumptious! Continental still charging $458 RT from Houston to BZE. Last July we got a $250 RT from them. Waiting…waiting..waiting…..What is your thought on the Amazon Kendal? They cut the price in half. Let me know. I can bring you one…….

  3. says:

    hi . Great looking sandwich . Hope all is well . HEY TACO BOY. LOve your site . not at all surprized how cool it is.

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