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Belize Association of Houston Family Fun Day

It is not uncommon for Belizeans seeking job opportunities to move abroad with the United States and Canada being popular choices and many youth opt to attend universities in other countries as well.

According to the 2014 Belize Demographics profile information page, migration continues to transform Belize’s population. About 16% of Belizeans live abroad, while immigrants constitute approximately 15% of Belize’s population. On their Belizean American page, Wikipedia states about one out of every three Belizeans now live overseas and outside of Belize; the majority have migrated to Anglophone countries, especially the United States, where there are some 54,925 Belizeans. A big jump from 1990 reports of approximately 10,000 Belizean American citizens in the United States.

Even though they may have left their home country, many Belizeans abroad are still taking an active role in the country’s development and continue to shine a positive light as is the case with the Belize Association of Houston. Not only do they play an active role in keeping Belizeans living in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas informed and up-to-date on Belize information, the Association has done many fund raisers to help Belize and Belizeans living  abroad after hurricanes, collaborated on toy drives and helped Belizean burn victims in Houston over the last few years. If you want to learn more about their charitable work, you can read the following blog posts: Ocean Academy School Supply Drive 2014 and Construction of the KHMH Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Do you live the Houston area and find yourself missing Belizean style party time? The Belize Association of Houston has you covered. Their annual Family Fun Day will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014, at Stein Family Park. The party will include:

  • Mouth watering Belizean food like rice-n-beans and stew chicken, tamales, garnaches, dukunu and more.
  • Door prizes sponsored by Belize Freight.
  • Sharron Williams, Belizean Immigration Lawyer on-site for free consultation.
  • Blood donor drive for cancer patients.
  • DJ will be jamming hometown music.
  • Playground for kids.
  • Covered Pavilion.
  • BYOB.

If you are interested in supporting their cause, the Belize Association of Houston would welcome your contribution and BAOH has their 501 (c) (3) status for tax deductions. Please feel free to contact them by email at:

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Belize Association of Houston family fun day Nov 2014 picture courtesy of BAOH


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