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Dock Street Gallery

Linda Mikulich is proud to announce the official opening party this Saturday evening Aug 8th of the Dock Street Gallery.

It features exclusive artists of Belize. Four currently. Wayne Hammon Sculptor, Jose Cantos Sculptor, Paul Stevenson Glass artist and Linda Mikulich Painter/ glass artist. They will be serving Locally made Sangria and munchies while celebrating this new venture.

Her goal for the gallery is to find and launch artists that are of high quality and unknown here in Belize. None of the artists are featured in any other galleries or shops on the island. Sculpture is NEW for the island, at least that in clay.

If you are here in Belize this Costa Maya weekend, come join the fun and enjoy exceptional art. Three of the four artists will be here for you to meet and talk about their works! Hope to see you there! Art is Life, Life is art.

Dock Street Gallery

3 thoughts on “Dock Street Gallery

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi William. I do have a business relationship with the people I advertise. I also am willing to promote any fundraiser stuff as well.
    Linda’s work is great.

  2. william says:

    Just curious. Do you advertise all business endeavors or must they have a business relationship with you? By the way, I love Linda’s work.

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