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Beautiful Sunrise


“There’s a beautiful sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”
– Jo Walton

I thought the quote above is very true and very fitting. Raise your hand if you have been missing to many sunrises or sunsets lately.

You would think whether living on a tropical island or on a great Belize vacation we would all get enough but I guarantee some folks that live here would be raising their hands, myself included these days. I can also guarantee that many internet users world wide get their sunrises courtesy Elbert Greer, which is almost as good. He takes a sunrise on the Caribbean Sea picture every morning and they always get well shared.

Sometimes we need to slow ourselves down and be in the moment. Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset is a great way to do that. I had vowed to watch sunrise on the beach every morning while staying at Belizean Reef and knew I could count on my internal clock to get me up. Interestingly enough as the days passed I started sleeping a bit later which was part of the goal for my mini vacation on the beach, and settling my ADD brain down.

Watching the sunrise is a great way to relax and let everything else sink away. I love when the sky transitions from dark to light and the rays start breaking through the clouds. Then comes the spectacular color explosion ranging from blood red or bright orange, sometimes  pink and and purple then blue as the sun goes up and the day begins.

san pedro belize sunrise

Amazing sunrise

 sunrise ambergris caye belize sunrise

Like a painting

sunrise at belizean reef

Fireball in the sky

sunrise on the beach san pedro belize


sunrise on the beach  ambergris caye belize

Electric sun

san pedro belize beach sunrise

Good morning world

sunrise on the beach in belize

Sunrise sky often looks like a painting

san pedro belize sunrise

Interesting cloud shapes and streaming sun

belize sunrise


beachfront condo belize

Morning is coming fast

ambergris caye belize belize beachfront condos

It’s going to be a hot one today



  1. tacogirl October 3, 2013

    Already back to the real world sort of 🙂 They should do a ‘Real World Ambergris Caye’ now that would make some good reality tv.

  2. Dr Al October 3, 2013

    ” evidence to date supports that the specific symptoms of ADHD are poorly treated without medication. Perhaps the mildest cases of ADHD can be treated with moderate success with environmental restructuring. ” So as soon as you return to the real world lol you will need some chemical help. Just sayin…


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