Parrot Head Beach Bash 2020

Beach time

After waisting to much time playing gold miner, I am going to move onto something more productive – resubscribe to coast to coast and pack a pic-nic lunch for the beach.

Was chatting with Stacy yesterday, she sent me an e-book and it made me think to tell her about Coast to Coast am radio which is a late-night syndicated radio talk show in the United States and Canada. They feature a wide variety of interesting topics, most frequently ones that relate to science, the paranormal, or alleged conspiracies – a great alternative to tv or reading. Paul and I have been listeners since long before we moved here. If you do not get it live near you and do not want to subscribe, you can listen free online at am 640 website week nights. Any coast fans out there? Give a holler.

Sandwiches are made, coast is downloading and we are off to perk.

12:58 pm
Good thing we went to perk before the beach as we got a reminder from Coleen and drummer Jim that Madisco was doing a food giveaway at San Pedrano store. So we went and got some Lasco powdered soy drink packets for our hurricane food supply, a box of muesli, and some granola bars which Paul said were a bit sticky from the heat.

Beach was great – we went to Ramons. I snorkeled to the end of the dock – saw 15 different kinds of fish and there is about 3 or 4 kinds of coral growing now. It is really cool to watch that area develop under water.

Getting ready to go for dinner with Capt Jeff, Clarissa, Maya, Cindy and Sharon at Christo’s.

Food was good, they had a buffet on for Mothers day celebrations. Sharon was being funny pinching things from Cindy and Jeff’s plates when they were not looking.

After dinner a few of us stopped at the Casino for a quickie. All proceeds for the month of may from the Game King slot machines on the north wall are going to Holy Cross for the Computer Lab so please don’t forget to drop in a few dollars of you are passing by.

Signs made by Gecko Graphics

Paul playing video poker

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