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Beach Party

12:20 am
I planned this beach party, because Beth is here and Carole and Dick would be back, also it was time to let loose on the beach with all our friends. This was before I knew about Hurricane Dean.

After the past few days and what all of us have been through we earned this party big time. Mayan Weather Gods if you are listening send is a beautiful day San Pedro Style. I packed up my party supplies tonight and put then to higher ground, I did keep the twister board out for the party tomorrow.

We have rain now, the sounds is back and forth from light to medium. Now it has stopped. Oops spoke too soon it has started again this is all in the space of about 13 minutes. Now I know why the storm reports keep changing so fast.

Paul just got home from Pedro’s The Hurricane is heading south again and we are back in the cone.

2:00 am
There is lightening and thunder happening over the lagoon but no rain right now. I have been watching a movie while waiting for my coast to coast downloads to finish. Pail napping on the couch. Middle street is very quiet. Back to fluff tv.

Wow I just checked stats and had 182 visitors to my blog yesterday. So exciting.

11:20 am
Joley and Tim are here they are now at the Belizean Reef and have offered us to go there if we need to. go to this link and get on the list of you are on the island

12:00 pm
Dick and Carole are coming over to discuss plans. Dick is going to see if Tropic will let them stay here he will know more when he goes to work at 1 pm.

12:36 pm
Everyone is all a buzz right now. I am talking to Stacy Lynn Floyd. She and Jack Burnett have boarded up and are not sure.

Rebecca just popped me now she is in changes in latitudes right now and thinks she is staying and most likely at BYC now.

Paul is packing our grab and go suitcase right now. Carole is just driving Dick to work and she will come by on her way back to pick us up for beach Party.

Here are the list of two options Paul and I are taking – Leave The Island – Bring all our hurricane supplies to Paul and Cindy’s or hunker down there.

Carole Goudreau Mattis just stopped by after dropping Dick off – note her friends and family she is having trouble getting on messenger right now. Carole said front street is very quiet right now and all closed up.

We are in ok shape. We have Three 5 gallon jugs of water, enough drinkable water in the fridge for next couple of days so we do not have to open them. When we get back from the beach we will deal with the small stuff to pack up. We have a good start on our grab and go bag. Dick is finding out what they are doing and will let us know asap.

Colette and Maya are all hunkered down and helping neighbors today. They will not be at beach party. good luck Girls.

Lara Goldman on msn now she had this to say… i think i am in a good place…i have dry food already over there, i am taking more supplies over today. i was staying here in my house, i’d be ready except for that one window bit more complicated cause i wont be staying here. need to see if cabs will still be running tomorrow i’ll figure more out when i get into town today She will come to party for 4 pm at latest.

Jan from Portofino posted this..
Just listened to the radio announcement of NEMO, and there is no evacuation order at this moment. The next radio announcement will be tomorrow (Monday) morning at 8am.
Reminder to all keep your radios turned to reef radio via internet

1:15 pm
I am signing out now to go get ready. Will not be on line for a while now I need a break and taking pictures of friends on the beach is just the thing.

Next time you take a shower really take a minute to enjoy it. Sometimes we take things for granted when we use them daily. is another source for information. This is Cindy’s Blog about her and Paul.

At the beach Steve said the power will go out 3 or 4 h before a storm is to hit.

Tim Anderson, Julie Downing, Laura Goldman, Cindy Vigna, Paul Hampson, Henry Zacharias, Herb, Sharon Boyde, Beth Hart, Dick and Carole, Steve Demaio and Richard were at the party.

Dick said they are going to Flores for sure now and will leave sometime tomorrow afternoon. Carole said she is willing to be an email contact for our families so we will try and get some names on it asap.

The weather Channel keeps failing to mention Belize. I am posting local information more so keep that in mind. The website we are all using here is: Wunderground

2 thoughts on “Beach Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    I finally heard Belize mentioned on the Today Show this morning!

    Thank you Tacogirl for keeping everyone updated. You are wonderful! 🙂 My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


  2. AC Friends says:

    With the rapidly approaching Hurricane Dean, I thoght it might be a good idea to have a site where people all over the world can find and post information about friends on Ambergris Caye.

    As I get time, I’ll attempt to collect the information posted (via coments) and create a spreadsheet with the following information:

    Last Name, First Name, Date, Status, Location, Contact info


    Gazon, Fred, 8-18-2007, report:warm and dry, Front Street, AC,

    Feel free to leave as much or as litte detail as you feel comformtable.

    Hopefully this will help limit the indivual emails, that may clog everyones email.

    You can also use this as a way to find someone:

    Burrito, Guy 8-18-2007, seek: family looking for, North AC,

    Hope this helps!

    Last updated 644 GMT Aug 18, 2007

    Last Name, First Name, Date, Status, Location, Contact info


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