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Twitter Time

Sometimes when I am trying to decide if I want to follow someone on twitter I will check out who they follow to get a better sense of the person. In this case, it was Life Magazine – Moby – Fodors and Trip Advisor that made me click. I decided to do some twitter internet fishing and it led me to  Malcolm Gladwell staff writer for the New Yorker Magazine.  I like the look of his website – it is very clean and simple. His books – What the Dog Saw – Outliers – Blink – and Tipping Point all seem like very interesting reading. You can also check out the New Yorker Archive – which lists all of Malcom’s Articles from the New Yorker magazine. Another cool thing I found was a Lady Gaga Halloween photo montage clip on youtube – Gagaween Costumes 2010. Ended up having a work errand to do before going to Pedro’s Bar last night which thankfully led us to town. I was hungry and needed a snack – since we were running late I knew I might not be able to get Indian food by the time we got there it would likely be done. Cori saved us from the hot-dog cart and we ended up sharing a rice bowl from Banh Mi Belize. It was a full on food orgasm haha – Can’t wait to get back there and try her subs – $12bzd is such a deal for either one. Call 624-5218 to place your order – delivery available within range. Turns out I was right – the Indian food at Pedro’s Bar was so good that by the time we arrived –  Zac who had just beat us there was enjoying the last of it. Forrest said he is going to ask Pedro to get back to doing Indian nights more regularly like he used to. I ended up having garlic shrimp on rice instead which was fine by me and Paul went for a small meat-lovers pizza since he is not a huge curry fan anyways. Banh Mi Belize

2 thoughts on “Twitter Time

  1. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    That open sub looks soooo good. Love cilantro and carrots. Can’t WAIT to get back to SP to check Banh Mi out!

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